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Veranes Tatiana. Flowers fun  
Veranes Tatiana.
Flowers fun

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Akindinov Alexey

Akindinov Alexey

City:Ryazan, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 189
Registration date: 2006.05.03
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Alexey P. Akindinov.
1977 - was born in the city of Ryazan, Russia.
1988-92. - Study in Children's art school #1 (Ryazan). Teacher: Cheremin Valery.
1992-98. - Study in the Ryazan Art College. G. Wagner. Teacher: Viktor Korsakov (Honored Artist of Russia), Alexey Kozlov (Honored Artist of Russia, 1923-2011), Tatiana Vlasova (member UAR), Presnyakov Anatoly, Lyakhov Vyacheslav.
He graduated from college with a degree in painting, the artist-educator profession. Thesis "Astrologer" rating "excellent". Reviewer - People's Artist of Russia - Mikhail Abakumov.

Since 2001 - member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the International Association of Fine Arts - UNESCO AIAP (painting department).
Since 2007 - Member of the International Art Fund, the Moscow Association of Artists, specialization - painting.
Since 2010 - a member of the Union of Artists "Realism of New York", New York, USA.

2008 - Winner of the National Award in the field of contemporary fine arts in Russia "Russian Gallery XXI Century". Silver medal "Russian Gallery XXI Century". "Genre painting" nomination. Venue - Moscow, "Federation Council".
2008 - Winner of the First International Competition "The theme of death in contemporary art" (Moscow-Russia Exhibition Centre..)
2009 - Winner of the "Talent and Calling". "Peacemaker" Silver Medal "Talent and Calling" World Alliance. (Moscow. Central House of Artists.)
2011 - Gold medal "SAINT MICHAEL" the New York Academy of Art, the category of "historical painting", winner of the International exhibition-contest "The international wave in the visual arts." Venue "ASA Art Gallery", Broadway, New York.
2012 - Fellow of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation.
2013 - Winner of the contest "The best product of 2013". Diploma of I degree for participation in international thematic art project "ornamentalism. Terraincognita. »The Department of Culture of Moscow, State Exhibition Hall" On Kashirke "(Moscow).

1989 - launched the exhibition activities at the regional exhibition "I paint the world", "Exhibition Hall of Artists Union", Ryazan. He was awarded a diploma "For the best work on display."

Since 1998 - participant of regional exhibitions.
Since 1999 - participant of the All-Russian exhibitions.
Since 2005 - member of international and foreign exhibitions.

All-Russian Exhibition:
1999 - "Russia - 9", Moscow - CEH - "Arena".
2000 - "Renaissance", the city of Kostroma.
2000 - "Boldin Autumn", Moscow - CHA.
2000 - "Thy Name", Moscow - CHA.
2003 - "Day of the Slavic Written Language and the saint - Mitrofanii miracle worker", Voronezh.
2004 - "The glorious sons of the Fatherland", Moscow - GRDNT.
2007 - "Young Artists of Russia" - the All-Russia Youth Exhibition, dedicated to the 250th anniversary of the Russian Academy of Arts, Moscow - CHA.
2008 - "Youth of Russia" - Inter-Regional Art Exhibition, Saratov.
2010 - The All-Russia Youth Exhibition, Moscow - CHA.
2013 - All-Russian exhibition "On sports, you - the world!", Dedicated to the World Summer Universiade in Kazan and the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Kazan - Gallery of Modern Art of the State Museum of Fine Arts of the Republic of Tatarstan.
Of 2013-2014. - All-Russia Exhibition "Sports-Arts-Sochi", devoted to the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi. Venue - Sochi, Sochi Art Museum.
2016 - III All-Russian art exhibition "Science and space for peace. Tsiolkovsky - Korolev - Gagarin ". Smolensk "Cultural and Exhibition Center named Tenishevs", April 14 - May 10.

Other exhibitions:
2007 - "Art - Salon", a group exhibition of the Assembly - "Russian Gallery XXI century", Central House of Artists. Moscow.
2007 - Exhibition - Competition - "2nd Moscow International Week of Arts» - «RUSSIAN ART WEEK / ASSEMBLY OF THE ARTS", the Moscow House of Artists.
2007 - "the V exhibition - contest name of Victor Popkov, " "International Art Fund, the Moscow Association of Artists of the IHF, " "House of Cinema". Moscow.
2007 - Moscow group exhibition - "The Feast of the Capital", dedicated to the 850th anniversary of Moscow. Exhibition Hall - "Gostiny Dvor". Moscow.
2008 - Collective exhibition Winner of the "Russian gallery XXI century", the Museum of the Great Patriotic War. Moscow.
2010 - Collective exhibition of the magazine assembly «Studio D'Anturage» - «Link of Times", CHA (Hall №17), Moscow.
2013 - The international art project "ornamentalism Terra Incognita.." State Exhibition Hall "Na Kashirke". Moscow.
2016 - the exhibition devoted 30 - summer anniversary of the Chernobyl accident "Kyshtym and Chernobyl: tragedy, feat, prevention". Cheboksary, the Chuvash national museum (on April 26 - on May 15).

Since 1998, he spent more than twenty personal exhibitions in Moscow and Ryazan.
Some of them:
1998 - Ryazan Art School. GK Wagner.
2000 - "All the pattern" - Museum of the History of the youth movement, Ryazan.
2003 - Gallery "Union - Creativity" - "Memories of Childhood", Moscow.
2003 - "The State Museum - Reserve SA Esenina "in Konstantinov, Mr. Fish.
2003 - "The State Museum of Local Lore", Sasovo.
2004 - Gallery "Union - Creativity" - "keys of Mary", Moscow.
2006 - "fancy." Group exhibition. Ryazan Drama Theatre.
2009 - The Gallery Art Salon "Palette" - "painting by Alexei Akindinova", Ryazan.
2010 - The Art Gallery - interior "Palette" - "ornamentalism 2010" (collective international exhibition), Ryazan.
2013 - Museum of the History of the youth movement, Ryazan. "Under the guise of ornamentalism".
2016 - Zakharovsky Local History Museum - "My Little Homeland", Zakharovo, Ryazan Region.
2016 - Exhibition Hall of the Historical and Art Museum - "Patterns", Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region.

Foreign exhibitions:
2005 - (5 - April 20) - Germany, Münster.
2005 - (October 20 - November 19) - USA, Oklahoma, Tulsa - «Curtain's Up. Russian Art Past & Present »-« The curtain rose. Russian art - past and present. " Venue - «Tulsa Performing Arts Center Gallery».
2010 - (15 September - 5 October) Berlin, Germany. Collective exhibition from the collection of "Russian Gallery HHIvek" Russian House of Science and Culture in Berlin.
2011 - (2 - January 16) - New York, USA. "The International Wave of Fine Arts" International Competitive Exhibition ( "International Wave in Art"). Venue - "ASA Art Gallery", Herald Center Mall, 3rd Floor, 1293, Broadway, New York, NY 10001.

Pictures are in Russian museums, galleries, exhibition halls:
"Union - Creativity" - Moscow
"The New Hermitage - One" - Moscow
"The Museum of the World" - Moscow
State Exhibition Hall "On Kashirka" - Moscow
"Historical and Art Museum", Lukhovitsy, Moscow Region.
Ryazan Museum of the History of the youth movement - Ryazan
Sasovo History - Local History Museum - Sasovo, Ryazan Region.
Zakharovsky Museum of Local History, Zakharovo, Ryazan Region.
World Museum of Funeral History - Novosibirsk
Novosibirsk crematorium
Art Center "Keeper" - Kstovo (Nizhny Novgorod region).
Earlier in the collections of galleries "Murtuz", "ASTI" - Moscow.
Private collections of Russia: Moscow, including the private collection of People's Artist of the USSR Inna Churikova and film director, People's Artist of the RSFSR Gleb Panfilov; Private collection of People's Artist of the USSR, film director Mark Zakharov. Also private collections: Ryazan; Stavropol; Votkinsk; The Republic of Dagestan.
Log Assembly: "Russian Gallery XXI Century" and "Studio, D'Anturazh" - Moscow.
Private collection, Dagestan.
Private collections in Europe and the United States:
Germany - Munster.
France Paris.
Florence, Italy - private collection of the designer - Roberto Cavalli.
USA: Tulsa (OK), Miami (FL).
Foreign galleries:
"Gallery of Russian Art Ming Li, " Beijing, China.
Earlier in the meeting gallery: "ROUEN" - the United States, Oklahoma, Tulsa.

Painting (181 artworks)

Апофеоз гибели Листьева
Паруса котельной из серии "Провинция"
Фёдор Плевако в судебных прениях суда присяжных заседателей


Icons (8 artworks)

Иисус Христос - Спаситель мира
Святые Пётр и Феврония Муромские
Святитель Василий I епископ Рязанский и Муромский



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