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Melnikova Tatiana

Melnikova Tatiana
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Melnikova Tatyana Evgenievna.

Born May 29, 1987 in the city of Vichuga, Ivanovo Region.
She spent her childhood in the city of Balakovo, Saratov Region, and her youth in St. Petersburg.
Currently I live and paint in Moscow and Korolev.


Balakovo: Balakovo College of Arts

St. Petersburg: St. Petersburg State Art and Industry Academy named after A.L. Stieglitz

Moscow: Mass plein airs and festivals, the latter include:
open air of the Art Project “VDNH 80 years”, dedicated to the anniversary of VDNH (July, 2019)
for September 2019, I am a participant in the festival "Time Ahead" season 2.

About myself:
I travel a lot and write 80% of my work in open air.
The main direction is a sea landscape, a city landscape in a realistic style.
My preferences in painting are given to water, its state and reflections, in interaction with the surrounding landscape.
Chibisova Nataliya
Not titled
Chibisova Nataliya. Not titled
163 USD
Stolyarov Vadim
Who am ?
Stolyarov Vadim. Who am ?
15148 USD
Sedyh Olga
Fruit bouquet
Sedyh Olga. Fruit bouquet
713 USD
Shpak Vycheslav
Not titled
Shpak Vycheslav. Not titled
190 USD
Zhukoff Fedor
Not titled
Zhukoff Fedor. Not titled
1039 USD
1154 USD
Zhinkina Larisa
Not titled
Zhinkina Larisa. Not titled
679 USD

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