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Homyakov Aleksey

Homyakov Aleksey
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Spain. Alhambra
Spain. Granada
Spain. At Plaza del Triunfo in Seville
.  Plaza del Triunfo
Spain. Seville. In the old town
. .



I, Homyakov Aleksey Alekseevich, was born on June 6, 1952.
In 1965 I entered and in 1967 graduated from the children's art school 2 of Krasnopresnensky district of Moscow.
1969-1975 studied at the Moscow architectural Institute at the faculty "Residential and public buildings".
After graduation, I worked in design organizations from 1975 to 2012:
- State Union design Institute
- Mosproekt 2
- Moscow architectural center
- Lukoilneftegazstroy
- Stroyproekt
Since 1982 I am a member of the USSR Union of architects.
Participated in all-Union competitions:
- Sanatorium-hotel complex for 1000 seats-1st prize
- House of veterans of architects in Moscow-3rd prize
- A house with advanced thermal efficiency incentive prize
- Cultural center with a hall for 300 seats for rural areas-incentive prize
- Closed competition for the construction of a public shopping complex in the Central part of Volgograd-incentive prize.
Participation in the competition for the Temple of the 1000th anniversary of the Christening of Russia.
Since 2012 re tired
The direction in painting is realism. Genre-landscape, still life, portrait. Material, technique-oil on canvas.
I did not take part in art exhibitions.
Homyakov Aleksey
River Protva in the outskirts of Borovsk
Homyakov Aleksey. River Protva in the outskirts of Borovsk
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Homyakov Aleksey
Not titled
Homyakov Aleksey. Not titled
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Homyakov Aleksey
Homyakov Aleksey. December
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Homyakov Aleksey
Orange thickets. Twilight
Homyakov Aleksey. Orange thickets. Twilight
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Homyakov Aleksey
Homyakov Aleksey. Bush
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Homyakov Aleksey
Not titled
Homyakov Aleksey. Not titled
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