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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Butko Vladimir. Three days
Butko Vladimir.
Three days

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Butko Vladimir

Butko Vladimir

City:Mytishchi, Russia
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 7
Registration date: 2018.11.12
ArtNow rating: 101

Born in 1979 he Graduated from the art school in the Belgorod region, Alekseevka.

I began to paint in oil in 2018. Before that he was engaged in sculpture. 2-3 job will post in the appropriate section.
The paintings will be writing the series. The main direction of "painter". The first series of the knights Templar or crusade will be dedicated to the Hospitallers and to reflect the various events connected with the campaign. In General, this is a stop shots from the movies. Other people's paintings will not write the copy to do the same.

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Три дня
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Butko Vladimir.
For the faith
Butko Vladimir. For the faith
Butko Vladimir.
Butko Vladimir. Taty
Butko Vladimir.
Bond Island
Butko Vladimir. Bond Island
Butko Vladimir.
Butko Vladimir. Attack
Butko Vladimir.
Butko Vladimir. Arn
Butko Vladimir.
Butko Vladimir. Dedication
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