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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Gerdt Irina. Bouquet of peonies
Gerdt Irina.
Bouquet of peonies

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Murtazin Ilgiz

Murtazin Ilgiz

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 18
Registration date: 2017.09.17
ArtNow rating: 356

Born in 1967 in Bugulma, Tatarstan. Since childhood he was fond of drawing. By the time I graduated from high school, I was undecided as to who I was more of a "physicist or lyricist" and enrolled in the Moscow state Technical University. Bauman, who graduated in 1993. The need for artistic expression did not let go and in 1998 began to try to paint with oil and learn from the classics and contemporaries, experimenting in search of his style. In recent years, this hobby takes almost all the free time from the main work, and the sale of paintings does not fall self-esteem. Participant of several thematic exhibitions in Moscow. His works are in private collections in Russia, Germany, Italy, Japan and France

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Yuntunen Sulo.
Bathhouse at the lake
Yuntunen Sulo. Bathhouse at the lake
Panov Eduard.
Not titled
Panov Eduard. Not titled
Balantsov Valery.
Balantsov Valery. Sailfish
Zhuravlev Maxim.
Zhuravlev Maxim. Special
Bazunov Nikolay.
Wind Turbine
Bazunov Nikolay. Wind Turbine
Vyrvich Valentin.
Not titled
Vyrvich Valentin. Not titled
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