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Goryanaya Julia

Goryanaya Julia
Registration 2007.12.16
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 570
     - graphics: 477
     - wall painting: 413
     - mosaic: 420

Painting (69 artworks)

Мальчик за книгой.Фрагмент. 40х30 ,к.м.,2018г.
Мальчик за книгой. 40х30 ,к.м.,2018г.
Kolka. Tide
Колка. Отлив
Evening on the Gulf of Riga. Latvia
Вечер на рижском заливе. Латвия

Graphics (25 artworks)

Алый анемон.
"Домский собор.Старый город,Рига".

Wall painting (5 artworks)

Mural detail
Фрагмент росписи
St Josef
Праотец Иосиф
Тайная Вечеря. Роспись Храма Петра и Павла в Ясенево (фрагмент)

Mosaic (2 artworks)

Символ Евангелиста Матфея
Символ Евангелиста Матфея (фрагмент)


"Art is like a poorly explored land where every artist is an "enchanted stranger" treading it in a difficult way but full of interesting discoveries.

In art I'm enthused about the opportunity - working with different techniques - such as easel, monumental painting, mosaics - to solve new tasks which help you grow as a painter, open the wealth and many faces of art.

My favorite genre of painting is the portrait. An inexhaustible source of inspiration where is born the mystical dialogue: Model - Artist - Viewer. Here a man can be described without words - by directly appealing to the viewer's soul, his heart - if it is prepared to understand such a language. Stopping time, turning one of a thousand moments into history which for some will become a vivid memory, for someone else - a personality characteristic, and for another - a reflection of the age past…
Veranes Tatiana
Not titled
Veranes Tatiana. Not titled
460 USD
Nogina Irina
Not titled
Nogina Irina. Not titled
473 USD
Panov Eduard
Lilacs in the garden
Panov Eduard. Lilacs in the garden
920 USD
Malivani Diana
Pomegranate Tree
Malivani Diana. Pomegranate Tree
4735 USD
Bondarev Andrey
Winter Quadrille
Bondarev Andrey. Winter Quadrille
2564 USD
Stepanov Pavel
Apple tree. June. Kamchatka
Stepanov Pavel. Apple tree. June. Kamchatka
394 USD

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