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Glazkov Denis. Not titled
Glazkov Denis.
Not titled

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Artists / Khasanova Sofia

Khasanova Sofia

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 50
Registration date: 2007.12.01
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 425
     - graphics: 522
     - decor: 359

Sofia Khasanova.
Pictorial art, graphics art, book illustration, multiplication.
She is creating paintings in following techniques: paper, aquarelle, gouache, tempera, mixed technique.
Sofia lives and works in Moscow.

Sofia is mother and founder of new direction in visual art, which is called "sferizm".
Recently, Sofia Khasanova's spherical ideas are actively used by designers in all design spheres, such as print and video ads, on product packaging (from food to electronic), in textile, model business and so on.

She worked as a director of the animation film "Fanny's adventures" (co-author Khalyg Salaev). The film was the member of festival "Darklight-2004" official program (Dublin, Ireland).
As an art-director of the animation film "Monday" (the director Khalyg Salaev). The film was a member of the international festival of independent mouvies "Deboshirfilm - net dreams - XII" (Saint-Petersbourgh, Russia)

She was a participant of the fifth fair of visual art "Hudgraph-2010" in new arena hall (zal novyi manez, Moscow, Russia)


Press writes about the fair "Hudgraph-2010":

"From new names - Sofia Khasanova. She is popular with her cartoon "The school of stench" a parody on a TV show "The school of backbiting" ("backbiting" and stench" sound really similar in russian), which is widely discussing in blogs". (Olga Marutian, the principal of fifth visual art fair, "Izvestia" 02.04.2010)

"The section of modern art was bright and unexpected. The new Sofia Khasanova project became the most interesting part of the exposure (Including paintings from her cartoons and lirical works, using aquarelle and gouache technique)". (Alexandr Markin, "Moskovskii Komsomolec" 22 by 01.04.2010)

"The new project of animator Sofia Khasanova impressed by single paintings from her cartoons, which have participated in international animation festivals, such as "Deboshirfilm - net dreams - XII", and by lirical works, where she uses mixed technique: aquarelle, gouache, tempura, acrylic." (russian LifeStyle site FASHION TIME)

Sofia's works are located in private collections in Russia, UK, Netherlands, Finland, Germany, Greece and also they are decorating offices of many famous companies in Moscow.

Khasanova Sofia. Painting (18 artworks ) >>

Рыбье солнце
танцующая девушка
за бортом
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Khasanova Sofia. Graphics (31 artworks ) >>

Четверо против Кардинала
против течения
С утра
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