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Kolotikhin Mikhail

Kolotikhin Mikhail
Registration 2015.01.17
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Graphics (57 artworks)

Views of Westminster
Вид на Вестминстер
Still life with glass goblet, plums, lemon, grapes and hazelnuts
Натюрморт со стеклянным бокалом, сливами, лимоном, виноградом и фундуком
Пейзаж с замком на реке
Лесной пейзаж

Decor (109 artworks)

Moscow. View of the Kremlin and the Stone bridge
Москва. Вид на Кремль и Каменный мост
A street in Seville
Улица в Севилье
Figs, grapes and orange
Инжир, виноград и апельсин
Still life with glass goblet, oysters and grapes
Натюрморт со стеклянным бокалом, устрицами и виноградом

Copies (98 artworks)

Punch with Cheshire cheese
Пунш с чеширским сыром
Церковь в Суломе
Церковь в Люзе. Подножие пика Бергон
Трактир в Гаварни


1965 of birth, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Higher education. A long time has led large design Institute and was always into painting and drawing as self-taught. Hobby engraving has grown from a hobby in a private craft is the Basis of our works - engravings and lithographs from the archives of national libraries and museums of the world. Artistic features of the prints to a very large extent conditioned by the technique of its execution. In understanding this and developed the idea of using a laser beam in creating the prints (the art of black and white). And this combination of artistic and technical search experiment received the status of registered inventions. Honed by the author's technology (patent for invention №, registered in the state register of inventions of the Russian Federation 05.08.2015 G.), special recipes-tanned natural leather together with masterful skills, enable us to achieve the highest results in our business
Since 2011, my shop makes prints on natural skin by burning. During this time produced more than 2,500 large-format work on the masterpieces of the great masters of painting and graphics. Repeatedly workshop participated in exhibitions, including 'Crocus-Expo' (Moscow) and numerous other Russian exhibitions.
Vedeshina Zinaida
Not titled
Vedeshina Zinaida. Not titled
749 USD
Poluyan Yelena
Field flowers
Poluyan Yelena. Field flowers
885 USD
Oligerov Alexander
Successful foray
Oligerov Alexander. Successful foray
3031 USD
Kukueva Svetlana
Not titled
Kukueva Svetlana. Not titled
1225 USD
Balantsov Valery
In Port
Balantsov Valery. In Port
408 USD
Malykh Evgeny
Peonies and fruits
Malykh Evgeny. Peonies and fruits
340 USD

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