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Oligerov Alexander.
Successful foray

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Kostylev Dmitry

Kostylev Dmitry

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 244
Registration date: 2007.09.22
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 602
     - graphics: 527
     - copies: 438
     - wall painting: 484
     - decor: 410

Member of the International Artists' Association and the Creative Union of Artists of Russia.

Born in 1976 in Izhevsk.
Graduated from the Russian Academy of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (portrait studio).
Graduation work - a portrait of singer Evgeniya Smolyaninova.

A member of several exhibitions of Moscow Artists.
In 1998 hold a personal exhibition in Zelenograd exhibition hall.
Lives and works in Moscow.

"Creative work for me is an attempt to find answers to eternal questions of human existence… And turning to deserving and strong Personalities of the past and modern age - such as St. Metropolitan Peter of Moscow or Peter I, the Emperor of Russia and others - comes from the desire, by the examples of their lives, to get somewhat nearer to this Goal.

Kostylev Dmitry. Painting (168 artworks ) >>

Лежащая обнаженная (фрагмент)
Пустынное побережье. Латвия
Панорама в Чьянчано. Тоскана
Обнаженная с пианино
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Kostylev Dmitry. Graphics (50 artworks ) >>

Огонь , перо , девушка
Обнаженная в пол оборота
Коллаж фрагмент с рукой
Сон наяды
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Kostylev Dmitry. Copies (6 artworks ) >>

Вольная копия
Христос в терновом венце. Хосе Рибера
Старое ружьё
Старое ружьё (фрагмент)
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Kostylev Dmitry. Wall painting (19 artworks ) >>

Фрагмент росписи кухни
Фрагмент росписи над аквариумом
Фрагмент росписи с кельтским крестом
Роспись потолка в детской
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Kostylev Dmitry. Decor (1 artworks ) >>

Фрагмент рамы


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