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Zolottsev Vasily

Zolottsev Vasily
Registration 2007.07.28
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Painting (103 artworks)

Kiselyov's rock at evening
Киселева скала вечером
Still life " Breath of summer"
Натюрморт "Дыхание лета"
Still life with goldfinch
Натюрморт с щеглом
Still life with fruit
Натюрморт с фруктами

Graphics (4 artworks)

"Что я могу в кандалах?" Этюд к картине - вариант
"...Кандалы я сосал голубыми руками..." Этюд к картине - вариант
Этюд к картине - вариант
"Чуть помедленнее, кони..."

Decor (1 artworks)

Цветок, который приснился во сне.


Vasily Zolottsev is a professional artist-painter, a member of the Trade Union of Artists, a member of New York's fine art community "NEW YORK REALISM", curator, who was born on 4 December 1950 in Omsk in Siberia. He got a high technical education there. But his thirst for painting shown in the early childhood turned over his destiny and directed him to a path of the artist, made the painting by his profession.It was not an easy decision for Vasily to change the career and completely without the rest to devote himself to painting.His style - realism. He strives for creating pictures which evoke an emotional response from the viewer. His still-lifes like talking. Lifeless subjects personify alive images and plunge the viewer to the area of human relations.Vasily Zolottsev - an artist who paints from the heart. Algorithm of his work is a form constructed on the basis of the soul. Constant search, the thoughtful approach to each work is a creative method of the artist Vasily Zolottsev.At present Vasily lives with his family in Tuapse town on the Black Sea Coast in the south of Russia. Being a member of the Creative Association Of the Artists Of Tuapse, he always takes part in exhibitions. Vasily cooperate with some collectors, galleries and the Museum of a name of A.A. Kiselyov, in which there are his works on constant exposition.It is written about the artiat's creativity in some book's such as "Tuapse - Culture" by I.Lotnik, "The House-Museum of the academician of painting Kiselyov" by S.E.Lifshits, and also in numerous newspaper and journal publications.
Volchek Lika
The Union of fire and water #2
Volchek Lika. The Union of fire and water #2
2490 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Summer on the lake
Rudnik Mihkail. Summer on the lake
799 USD
Bruno Augusto
Flowering almond branch (copy of Van Gogh)
Bruno Augusto. Flowering almond branch (copy of Van Gogh)
2665 USD
Grechina Anna
Orange Lily
Grechina Anna. Orange Lily
466 USD
932 USD
Croitor Igor
Not titled
Croitor Igor. Not titled
306 USD
Nikolaev Yury
Nikolaev Yury. Peonies
533 USD

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