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Gerasimov Vladimir. Moscow. Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street
Gerasimov Vladimir.
Moscow. Bolshaya Nikitskaya Street

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Shurshakov Igor

Shurshakov Igor

City:Lyubertsy, Russia
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 291
Registration date: 2007.07.21
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 581
     - jeweller art: 504
     - icons: 723
     - decor: 646

Igor Nikolayevich Shurshakov, an icon painter and a restorer, lives and works in the city of Lyubertsy, Moscow region. He started icon painting in early 80's and worked as icon painter in the workshops of Moscow Patriarchy (Sofrino), studied in the workshops of Moscow Restoration in a division “Restoration of Old Russian Painting”. From 1992 he is a member of INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF ARTISTS and CREATIVE UNION OF RUSSIAN ARTISTS. From 2002 heis a member of ASSOCIATION OF RUSSIAN ARTISTS IN PARIS (ASSOCIATION DES PEINTRES DE RUSSIE A PARIS) and INTERNATIONAL ARTS FUND. From 2006 he is a member of THE UNION OF MOSCOW DESIGNERS. He was a participant of more than 50 exhibitions in Russia and other countries. He has numerous publications in Russian and foreign press and catalogs. The main line of his work is the icon painting and icon restoration. He works on the reconstruction of the internal decoration of churches, reconstruction of iconostases and church icons. He pays a high attention on church archeology, works on the reconstruction of rare and almost forgotten iconography. Painting is performed strictly according to the Old Russian canons of Orthodox Church. For icon painting he uses mineral paints based on the egg emulsion. In 2006 he was working on the ornaments for the album, issued for 150 anniversary of the State Tretyakov Gallery “Old Russian Painting from the Collection of Tretiyakov gallery”. The main works are placed in the collections of St. Daniel Monastery, the iconostasis and icons are the church of St. Praskeva in North Butovo (Moscow), in the church of the Birth of Mother of God in Sayansk, in other the churches and monasteries of Moscow and in the dioceses of St. Petersburg, Kursk, Kamchatka. Some works are in the private collections in Russia, Sweden, Denmark, France, Germany and Luxemburg.

Shurshakov Igor. Painting (8 artworks ) >>

Архангел Ариэль (религиозная живопись)
Архангел Михаил (религиозная живопись)
Архангел Варахиил (религиозная живопись)
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Shurshakov Igor. Jeweller art (1 artworks ) >>

Кулон "Тайны моря"

Shurshakov Igor. Icons (170 artworks ) >>

Богородица Федоровская ( в окладе)
Богородица Федоровская
Св. Николай чудотворец
Богородица Смоленская (Одигитрия) в окладе
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Shurshakov Igor. Decor (112 artworks ) >>

Миниатюра "Веранда с видом на ...весну"
Миниатюра "На летней веранде"
Орешек с зайчиками
Орешек "Летний сад"
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Ovchinnikova Alexandra.
Hay from the old stack, Ginh otavah kego (Vepsky)
Ovchinnikova Alexandra. Hay from the old stack, Ginh otavah kego (Vepsky)
Kravchuk Vladislav.
Gurzuf. Crimea
Kravchuk Vladislav. Gurzuf. Crimea
Yuntunen Sulo.
Yuntunen Sulo. Stack
Garcia Luis.
Lady's joy
Garcia Luis. Lady's joy
Panov Eduard.
Not titled
Panov Eduard. Not titled
Boev Sergey.
Not titled
Boev Sergey. Not titled

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