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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Shalaev Alexey. Creation of MV. Kazakova. Strastnoy Boulevard
Shalaev Alexey.
Creation of MV. Kazakova. Strastnoy Boulevard

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Megrelishvili Irakli

Megrelishvili Irakli

City:Tbilisi, Geoegia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 64
Registration date: 2012.09.01
ArtNow rating: 440

Irakli Megrelishvili was born in 1961, in Tbilisi, Georgia.
In 1979 has finished artistic school. J.Nikoladze, the faculty- sculptures.
In 1980 worked on complex “Memorial of Glories in Kutaisi”, he enlarged the sculpture by isogipsum method, was honorary awarded by Executive Committee of the City people’s Deputies.1981-1983 Irakli served in the army.1983-1984 he worked in sculptural combine as an sculptor-enlarger. In 1984 he entered Tbilisi State Academy of Fine Art sculpture faculty. As a student he took part in the exhibition, 1985 Portland, Oregon, the USA.
In 1986 irakli took part in the First Ice sculpture symposium in Gudauri as a prizewinner was honorary rewarded with a tour in Bulgaria. From 1987 to 1990 he learned in public artist USSR sculptor Merab Berdzenishvili’s workshop. In 1987 he enlarged M.Berdzenishvili’s sculpture David Agmashenebeli.
In 1994 Irakli began to study the jewelry art. Worked on religious themes basically, ”Svetichoveli, Cross for Meal”. In 1997 President FIDE Kirsan Lliyumzhinov founded Worldwide Olympic Chess Cup “Nona”. President of Georgia Eduard Shevardnadze personally thanked the author for his work. There were a lot of publications in media, not only in Georgia.
In 1998 Irakli began to study cloisonné enamel, because this branch wasn’t known well, he had to make lots of experiments. In 1999 he was invited to Oxford, England at the exhibition “Art in Action”, where his 30 works were exhibited in 2000. From 2001 to 2005 Irakli presented 25 works on enamel, sculpture and painting in Bilbao, Spain. Irakli gave lesson in enameling off-hour job at art school and gallery “ORNAMENT” in Tbilisi.
In 2003 Georgian Foreign Office sent Irakli’s works “Europe” an “Ikarus” for collection to her Majesty Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth II. His works were published in journal of London under the aegis of Georgian government.
After 6 months hard working on project “Argo”, had a great number of publications in Georgian media, the work caused the great interest among specialists in enamel art. ”Argo” was over and over again exhibited at various exhibitions. All directions of enamel technology were used in this work.
In 2006-2008 organization of United Nation rewarded him a prize for”Gender Equality”.This prize made by Irakli, was presented to those organizations, annually, in whole world, where the problem about equality between men and women were kept.
In 2007 Irakli did the work “Millennium Crossing” denoted the 30-th anniversary enthronization of the most Saint and the most Blessed Catholicos-Patriarch, Archbishop Mtsheta and Tbilisi Ilia II. Given work is based on the thousand-year culture and originality of Georgian folk, but on the other hand XVI century experience of the self-determination of folk in Christian religion which closely links with antique traditions.
The panagea “Virgin Maries” is the second work denoted to most Saint and the most Blessed Catholicos-Patriarch, Archbishop Mtsheta and Tbilisi Ilia II, upshot from rich epichristian heritage of the country author’s thought developed the decorative decision of the problem to do work not with ordinary standarts and pressed mass utensil proposed by different company producers. Irakli personally handed this work to the Patriarch Ilia II. For years work was dug much interesting in sphere of the compositions and in skill.
In 2009 Irakli created statuette “RELITA”. It was exposed in New York in the building of UN, sidebars of the new piece remind the archaic images taken from Bronze Age of Colchis kingdom.
The Syntheses of decorative and monumental thinking affords ground for birth of the interesting work’s in antique culture or in technocratic presently world stuffed by all sorts of things, the main is to take the essence of true values our entity, sing beauty, courageous, truth, divinity all that was always valued by enlightened essential people and society.
Certainly the technology and experience of the work plays the role in the life of artist and master’s professionalism for years work in jewelry art helps him to deep in its secrets, which adds the product inimitable, exclusive nature. This nature is identified as individualism. The majority of the works of Irakli Megrelishvili are found in private collections in Europe and America, by the people valuing fine charm of delicate art.
In October 2010 K. Faberge International Found awarded Irakli Perchin’s international Jewellers Medal.
This medal awards jewelers brought the huge contribution to development of jeweler art.

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"Марлойд" кулон
Перстень "Гранатовый"
"Голгофа" крест
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