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Ivanenko Michail. Serenade a solar glade
Ivanenko Michail.
Serenade a solar glade

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Artists / Zuev Aleksey

Zuev Aleksey

City: Togliatty, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 283
Registration date: 2007.04.14
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 431
     - graphics: 640

Aleksey Zuev was born in the city of Almetyevsk, Russia, on 24 February 1982. In 1997 he finished Children's Art School in Tolyatti with honors. He continued his studies at Tolyatti State University to graduate from it with honors in 2004 (obtaining a Diploma in fine art and design). He elaborated his knowledge in engraving (eau-forte, dry needle, linocut), and chose printmaking to be the main technique of his creative career. Now he is the member of the Russian Artists Union. He lives in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

His subtle graphic works convey endless variety of natural states. Today no one can doubt that he is an artist of lyrical and philosophical temperament. The image of nature his works feature is always imbued with deep personal feelings that transform real landscape. A possible means of such transformation may be intensification of decorativeness or expressiveness of the form. Works by Aleksey Zuev reveal a diverse natural world full of life, motions, and contrasts. Contrasts between dynamics and statics, quiet and relentless rhythms, lightness and ruggedness attract the artist’s attention and let him show natural life in a mysterious and amazing manner.

Zuev Aleksey. Painting (6 artworks ) >>

На острове Сахалин
Летний вечер
Бухта Тихая
Мыс Великан. Сахалин
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Zuev Aleksey. Graphics (277 artworks ) >>

Ясный день
На Сахалине
Кофе по-мезенски
Морозное утро
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Averchenkov Oleg.
Not titled
Averchenkov Oleg. Not titled
Rudin Petr.
On the pond
Rudin Petr. On the pond
Boev Sergey.
Not titled
Boev Sergey. Not titled
Rudnik Mihkail.
The bridge in Grezinо
Rudnik Mihkail. The bridge in Grezinо
Yavisheva Tatiana.
Not titled
Yavisheva Tatiana. Not titled
Volchek Lika.
Warm February
Volchek Lika. Warm February
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