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Volkov Sergey. Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st. On the Iron Bridge in the Rain
Volkov Sergey.
Moscow, Pyatnitskaya st. On the Iron Bridge in the Rain

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Artists / Valentsov Vladimir

Valentsov Vladimir

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 16
Registration date: 2011.09.26
ArtNow rating: 376

VALENTSOV VLADIMIR Was born in 1950 in Moscow. In 1976 has ended is art-graphic faculty MGPI. Since 1980 a member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR.

In the beginning of the creative way the artist works in cities of Central Asia and Siberia much. In 1990 the first creative business trip of the artist to Europe (Paris, Normandy) has taken place. In 1991 he creates a series of works on the south of France. In 1993 the personal exhibition of the artist in the Franco-Russian house (Ber-climbed-alp) - a patrimonial nest of the known collector of Russian art Ren Gera has taken place

Grand prix of the Parisian Academy of arts testify to the European recognition of the author "De Lutece" (1998) and an honourable medal of the city of Lankruatr (France, 2004). From an easy hand of known French artist Andre Leoni, the picturesque direction of works of Vladimir Valentsova has received the name "Russian impressionism". The light stream, изыск a colour palette, vigour and boldness of plastic decisions, a sharpness of perception and admiration of nature miracle is and there are components of the picturesque score of Vladimir Valentsov.

The artist works in different genres: a landscape, a still-life, a portrait. He travels much, and its all works are executed from nature. Natural feed and skill of the painter create magic influence of its works on the spectator.

Cloths of the artist the cities of Santonja (Spain) take a worthy place in museum and private collections of Russia and Europe, including in the National museum of Spain (Логронье), in the Museum of painting. Vladimir Valentsova's products use the deserved attention of the European auctions: Farrando Lemoine, Boisgirard (Дрюо).

Vladimir Valentsov is the organizer of the International Exhibition Salon in Moscow "August salon" (2004) with the participation of both the Moscow painters and artists of the region Vienne (France).

Since 1996 Vladimir Valentsov the constant participant of All-Union, Republican and Moscow exhibitions.

Vladimir Valentsov's personal exhibitions

1991 – France, Ber-les-alpes, France - Russian house
1993 – Russia, Showroom МОСХ, Moscow
1994 – Spain, Santander
1995 – France, Marseilles "Galaxia", Spain, the cities of Soljares, Torelavega
1996 – Spain, the cities of Santader, Santona
1997 – Spain, the cities of Barejo, Noha, Santillana del Mar, Korales, Alaba, Pais of Basques
1998 – Spain, Rioho, the National museum
1998 – Russia, the Moscow Municipal duma
1998 – France, the cities of Ljudo, Lankruatr
2000 – Russia, the Anniversary exhibition of the artist of "50 years", the Central house of the Architect
2003 – Italy, Rome
2003 – Russia, Moscow, Administrvtsija of the President of the Russian Federation
2004 – France, Lankruatr
2005 – Russia, Moscow, the Central House of the Artist, a painting Exhibition: V.Valentsov, A.Zverev, V.Jakovlev
2006 – France, the Showroom of the Mayoralty of Paris
2007 – Russia, Moscow, Showroom МОСХ on Tverskaya
2009 – Russia, Moscow, the Kremlin, Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation
2010 – An anniversary exhibition of the artist in Italy (Terracina)
2011 – Russia. Moscow ЦДХ personal exhibition
2013. Solo exhibition at the International exhibition salon "Art-Innsbruck 17" (Austria. Innsbruck)
2014 Personal exhibition in the framework of the anniversary of the International exhibition salon "Art Innsbrusk 18" (Tirol.Insbruk)
2014 Personal exhibition of the artist. Moscow. ЦДХ
2015 g.Personalnaya exhibition in the framework of the International exhibition salon "Art Innsbrusk 19" (Tirol.Innsbruck)
2015 Moscow. Russia. Yubileynaya exhibition of the artist "Color ether". ЦДХ

Vladimir Valentsov's awards

1995г. – Grand prix and the Prize of spectator liking, the International exhibition salon - France, Marseilles 1998г. – Grand prix, the Parisian Academy, "De Lufece", 2004г. – the Honourable medal of the city of Lankruatr, France.

Radiant painter - Vladimir Valentsov. About the Kremlin. May, 2009.

Author - Vera Dmitrieva, the newspaper "Stroginsky news":
After receiving an editorial assignment, I wonder why the local newspaper to write about the opening of the famous artist and not just anywhere, but in the building of the presidential administration in the Kremlin. Where the Kremlin, where Strogino!
This exhibition - the event is not the district level, or even the city, such as none of our business. But it turned out very even and ours.

Artist Vladimir Valentsov- a resident of Strogino rather sat Troitse-Likovo. And residents are not simple. In 1840 his great-grandfather Andrew Sumarokov built a house in the village of Troitse- Likovo.
And since then he has always belongs to his descendants. Family history is very interesting. House in Troitse- Likovo before the Revolution 1917 was a family vacation home Sumarokov. Ancestors V. Valentsov were baptized and inveterate here in the village church, and buried in the Holy Troitse - Likovo cemetery. They still had a house on Tverskaya, 37, but after the revolution home in Troitse-Likovo was the only one for all members of a large family, enlightened people and artistically gifted.
Vladimir grandfather was a painter-decorator, and uncle of the artist Leonid Belyaev - famous Soviet plot. It was he who instilled a love for painting nephew.
Vladimir was born on September 14, 1950 at the family nest in the same house built by his great-grandfather.
In 1976, he graduated from art-graphic faculty of Moscow State Pedagogical Institute.
In 1980 he joined the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists of the USSR.
Since 1976, Vladimir Valentsov is a permanent member of many All-Union, Republican and Moscow exhibitions.
The artist is well known not only in Russia but also in Europe. In 1990 he had his first creative trip to France. The result of this journey is a series of works on Normandy and the south of France.
In 1991, his first solo exhibition, opened the French-Russian House in Ber-les-Alpes (Nice) - the famous collector of Russian art Rene Gera. After that the artist had many solo exhibitions in France, including Marseille and Paris exhibitions in Spain and in Italy.

About the European recognition of the author suggest Grand Prix of the Paris Academy of Arts "De Lutece" (1998) and the Medal of Honour of Lankruatr (France, 2004).. Master canvases occupy a worthy place in museums and private collections in Russia and Europe, including the National Museum of Spain (Logroño), Museum of Painting Santonja (Spain).
That's such a rich creative life, but what I learned later. And then, after passing through the gates of the Spasskaya Tower and another 2 post with vigilant guards, if not I got the president's administration, and in the fantastic world permeated almost tangible sunlight. A riot of color, flood the senses. No wonder the famous French artist Andre Leoni, called picturesque direction of Vladimir Valentsov "Russian Impressionism".

Light emanating from the paintings, blinding, and I somewhere in the subconscious suddenly floated word - heliolater. And this is so, because the main character of this movie Valentsov, regardless of whether it's landscape, portrait or still life - the sun. "Solar flux", "Solar cafe", "blooming in November" - these and many other fabric colors are not written, and like sunbeams. Flowers, escaping beyond the picture of the sea and the city, bathed in sunshine. "The morning of the ancient town" - white-hot walls of the houses, "In the old port of Terracina" - blue - blue boat story Mediterranean. Clearly, it is the South of France, Italy, Spain. It's warm.
But where is unbearably bright sun in our area? But, drat, it turns out, the sun we too bright, especially in spring. "Pereslavl Zaleski. Spring", "The New Jerusalem. Thaw", "Provincial motive", where the old village house - a gem shining temple, "Danilov Monastery. Pereslavl Zaleski" - spring, light.
And what a joyful view of Moscow from the balcony artist's studio. And here is the familiar Troitse-Likovo in "Winter Still Life" through the cactus and agave, standing on the window sill of the window is visible high-rise building "Azure Blues."
Mother Nature can sometimes not enough sun and colors, but the artist shares with her dazzling flamboyance of his soul. Even in a still life with grandmother's clock appears to be present Italian sunny bliss. And what can be! Look through the eyes of an artist, and you can see the emerald and purple snow thawed patches impossible under the sun.
Vladimir wife Elena Valentsova, actress and poet - the muse of the artist told me that each time leaving on business trips abroad Vladimir quickly eager to return home to his native Troitse- Likovo. He built a house, and now in the new house he lives with his wife Helen, his son Alexander and his paintings.
The opening of the exhibition took place in a festive atmosphere. Congratulated the artist director of the complex of the Kremlin, Medvedev's chief referantur, friends. Colleagues, were strogintsy.
It is interesting to look not only at the south of the country, but also in Russia, Moscow, Strogino Troitse-Likovo solar eyes of the artist.

Vera Dmitrieva newspaper "Stroginsky News", 25.05.2009

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