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Sergeev Oleg. Karelian trails. Broken birch  
Sergeev Oleg.
Karelian trails. Broken birch

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Mishchenko-Sapsay Svetlana

Mishchenko-Sapsay Svetlana

City:Togliatti, Russia
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 508
Registration date: 2010.11.16
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 670
     - graphics: 502
     - dolls: 502
     - copies: 462
     - icons: 483
     - art glass: 489
     - wall painting: 466
     - decor: 550

I was born on August 26, 197* year, in the small town of Perm region In 1993 he moved to live in the city of Togliatti. Graduated from the University in 1999 the faculty of fine arts, before he graduated from College with a degree of painter-decorator. Since 1999, working as an interior designer. Have more than 60 commissioned objects, apartments, rooms, cottages, etc. From childhood I am engaged in painting, LMPaintings are as always a lot and sing, only technique I use more complex and different, aging and gilding, solid paste.
In April 2011. I organized my personal exhibition in gallery "Art-Plaza"
in September 2011. I participated in the contest dolls "From Hobbies to craftsmanship", took the first place in the nomination "Master".
In December 2011. I was accepted in the Union of artists of Russia.
In February 2012. opened my personal exhibition in the business center "Rusich".
adopted in November 2012. participation in the contest-festival, street art, took the second place.
in December received the title of "woman of the year" in nominacii culture and art.
G. became a member of the creative Union of artists of Russia.
01 on 12.04.2014 personal exhibition dekorREв Samara, gallery New Space
with 14.12.14 g on 15.02.15 g, exhibition, Moscow, Gostiny Dvor
with 12.01.15 g, 31.01.15, solo exhibition, Encouraging the Samara region
08-15 November 2015 at the International exhibition-contest of contemporary art
"Russian Art Week" (Russian Art Week) took first and second place in the nomination EXPERIMENTAL PAINTING
with 13.11.15-15.11.15 participated in the art Fair "ArtExpoSPb 2015"in St. Petersburg.
part exhibition project "Carnival in London in 2016, " took the 3rd place
2016. participation in the traveling exhibition "On the banks of the Volga" Samara Branch of the Russian Union of Artists
with 13.05.2016-27.05.2016g. solo exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod, the gallery gallery Art52
08.04.2016-05.06.206g. participation in the exhibition Tolyatinskogo Art Museum, insomnia
winner of the competition and the exhibition project "LIFE-genre development" dedicated to the 140th anniversary of the birth PPKonchalovsky 2016. organized VOLGA art gallery
28.09.6-28.10.16-personal exhibition in the House of Culture "BEAM" Samara (Zubchaninovka)
07.10.16-17.10.16.-part in "ARTKULTURA - MILANO 2016" took 1st and 2nd place
18.11.16-11.12.16- finalist and participated in the exhibition of works by the finalists competition and exhibition project Volga art gallery "Still life in the open air" in Togliatti.
27.11.16- 01.08.17, participated in the exhibition project "WORLDS PARAJANOV EYES

Painting (403 artworks)

Все лучшее детям
тихое утро
натюрморт с перчиком


Graphics (14 artworks)

Уныние и скорбь (фрагмент "Скорбь")
Жар птица
мастер мыльных пузырей
Следы великого пакетика (иллюстрация к сказке)


Copies (1 artworks)

Портрет Арсения

Dolls (9 artworks)

прекрасная Маня


Icons (2 artworks)

Радость всех радостей
Радость всех радостей

Art glass (31 artworks)

Осенний вальс
Листь клена (фрагмент)
Листья осени (фрагмент)
Набор для лимонада


Wall painting (3 artworks)

Карнавал (роспись стен)
Карнавал (фрагмент)
Карта 1570 г., составленная Абрахамом Ортелиусом (эскиз к фреске)

Decor (45 artworks)

для любимой
Носочный букет (Кастомайзинг)
Елка счастья
Весна (модульная композиция)



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