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Hohonov Boris

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At the mountain
The Girl
Splendiferous Elena in fur of singer Fedor Shaliapin


Boris Hohonov

Prize-Winning Painter

Boris Hohonov and Natasha Hohonova are husband and wife artists from Ekaterinburg (Ural zone in Russia). Although they paint separately, working together they developed the unique art project Ural Petro Art’. Ural Petro Art is a technique in which Boris and Natasha take the inspiration for their paintings from patterns in the slivers of minerals and precious stones they personally select and embed in their paintings. The art of engraving on stone is rooted deep in the Ural culture, but the idea to combine the traditional technique of painting with thin sections of natural Ural stone is a first. The rough stone is sliced into thin fragments that are carefully polished and affixed onto the canvas in a special way. Here the stone is the tuning fork. The unique pattern of the stone, unsullied by man, becomes the epicentre of the forthcoming painting. At the junction of canvas, paint and stone an unexpected phenomenon of art is born. The artists neither argue with nature nor copy it they accompany it, creating at the same time their very own and unusual work. Nature becomes a co-author, being a competent participant in the creative process.
Simonova Olga
Pumpkin and Crimean onion
Simonova Olga. Pumpkin and Crimean onion
161 USD
Oligerov Alexander
Successful foray
Oligerov Alexander. Successful foray
2873 USD
Chistyakov Yuri
Illustration to A. Pushkins poem Small tragedies 3/85
Chistyakov Yuri. Illustration to A. Pushkins poem Small tragedies 3/85
2254 USD
Mikhalskaya Katya
Iris of June
Mikhalskaya Katya. Iris of June
701 USD
Panina Kira
The elephant and the angel
Panina Kira. The elephant and the angel
175 USD
Shalaev Alexey
October. Old Moscow, Danilovsky Val street
Shalaev Alexey. October. Old Moscow, Danilovsky Val street
533 USD

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