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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Chistiakov Vsevolod. Rural landscape
Chistiakov Vsevolod.
Rural landscape

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Lesokhina Lubov

Lesokhina Lubov

City: Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 148
Registration date: 2005.01.12
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 785
     - graphics: 442

Miss Lubov Lesokhina, a graduate of Applied Arts Faculty of Technological Institute, Moscow, Russia, is a realist artist and teacher of watercolour painting. She is a rare happy example of both managing these two turns of art and being recognised by amateur and professional public.

Miss Lesokhina participates in art shows, competitions and auctions in Europe and oversees. Her pieces in oil, watercolours and pencil are presently kept in private and corporate collections in Russia, USA, Great Britain and France.
As to teaching, Miss Lesokhina gives classes in a famous school of S. Andriyaka, Moscow.
All this has not been easy for a twenty-first century girl to achieve. From the very beginning she strove to gain recognition as a professional – when she went into Russian folk art, illustrated books in Russian and English, painted to order and started to teach others.

Today Miss Lesokhina is most commonly thought of as a painter of traditions and unique sense of reflections and ways. Her creative spirit is rich and prolific, but her heart undoubtedly belongs to classic multilayered watercolours where she is especially strong. Her landscapes, still lives, pets, interiors, portraits are stylish and enjoy enormous popularity.

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Махровый тюльпан
Светлый букет (хризантемы)
Белый тюльпан
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И поёт мне в землянке гармонь про улыбку твою и глаза...


Konstantin Pavel.
Yawn tiger
Konstantin Pavel. Yawn tiger
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Winter garden
Grigorieva Natalia. Winter garden
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Not titled
Lapovok Vladimir. Not titled
Kovalenko Lina.
Flowers in November
Kovalenko Lina. Flowers in November
Simonova Olga.
Simonova Olga. Chicken
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