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Fomina Lyudmila. Blossoming Pomegranate  
Fomina Lyudmila.
Blossoming Pomegranate

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Khinveli Kakha

Khinveli Kakha

City:Tbilisi, Georgia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 178
Registration date: 2009.12.14
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 631
     - graphics: 569
     - copies: 490
     - icons: 565
     - decor: 586

born in tbilisi 24-8-1962. in1982-1987studiertin tbilisi state academy of arts. Since 1990 year is the member of the artists unions. exhibision: 1988 tbilisi. 1990 vienna, austria. 1991shorndorf, germany. 1991 hambruken, germany. 1991 bruhzel, germany. 1992 international centr, moscow, russia. 1993 sheraton metekhi palase, tbilisi.-personal exhibition. 1993 central house of arts, moskow, russia. 1993 international university of people's frindship, moskow, russia. 1994galeri na salianke, moskow, russia. 1995 tbilisi central salon of arts-personal exhibition. 1996 shorndorf, germany 2007 the us embassy. tbilisi, georgia. 2008 the us embassy. tbilisi.2009 the us embassy. tbilisi. georgia.2011 the us embassy.tbilisi.georgia.
his works are preserved in various private collections in france, mexico, usa, germany, russia, serbia, belgium, holand, italy, israel, greece, arabia and many other countries.
in 1992-93 years worked in TV company "ibervision"
in 1993-94 vived an worked in moscow.
in 1995-2004 worked in state TV corporation on channel 1; used to make designs for various TV programs.
currently cooperates with several art galleries.his biography is included in the bibliography lexicon on modern georgian artist and masters of art.his articles are published in various magazines and newspapers.he is the owner of warious awards and diplomas.


Khinveli Kakha. Painting (81 artworks ) >>

Oжидание весни.
Девочка с бантиками
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Khinveli Kakha. Graphics (19 artworks ) >>

Остатки Империи
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Khinveli Kakha. Copies (3 artworks ) >>

Мадонна Лита
Мона Лиза

Khinveli Kakha. Icons (18 artworks ) >>

Св. Николай
Архангелы Михаил и Гавриил
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Khinveli Kakha. Decor (57 artworks ) >>

Старый Тбилиси
Старый Тбилиси
Мой город
Старый Тбилиси
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