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Abzhinov Eduard

Abzhinov Eduard
Registration 2003.06.01
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     - painting: 870
     - graphics: 578
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Garlic bouquet
Kerosene stove
The Kingdom of tulips

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1974 - born in Krasnodar Region of Russia.
1996 - graduated from the University of Kuban, Art-Grafics Department.
Since 2002 - have been working with Moscow publishing houses as a book and magazine illustrator.
2003 - monumental painting of walls in an interior of a private residence.

Eduard Abzhinov's artworks are displayed in galleries and private collections in Russia, Ukraina, Bulgaria, Turkey, Germany, Spain, Czechia, the USA, France, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, Italy and the United Kingdom.

Main exibitions:

  • "Perfo-Ratio-Kanta". Art Museum of Kaliningrad, Russia.

  • "Sign of the Bird". Central Exhibition Hall, Krasnodar, Russia.

  • "Eclectic", Planetarium, St. Perersburg.
  • "A Normal Miracle", Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

  • "The Blue Sky Above", Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel, Moscow, Russia.

  • "Four Seasons of a Year", Vetosha Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.
  • "Still-Life in the Interior", Vetosha Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.

  • "Naked", Union of Moscow Artists, Moscow, Russia.
  • "Resurrection", Vetosha Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.
  • Arosita Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.
  • Krida-Art Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.
  • Pan-Dan Gallery. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Russia.

  • de Pury & Luxembourg Benefit Auction in support of Operation Smile’, Maly Manege, Moscow, Russia.
  • Krida-Art Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.
  • Vetosha Gallery, Sophia, Bulgaria.

  • "Academy of Pastels". Municipal Art Gallery, Kostroma, Russia.
  • "ARS-FORUM". Center of Modern Art, Yaroslavl, Russia.
  • "Benefit Auction of Contemporary Russian Art. Peter Batkin and Operation Smile", Vassiliev Theater, Moscow.
  • "Arte 2003" Internationale Kunstausstellung, Basel, Switzerland.

  • Creative Environments Club. Central House of Artists, Moscow, Moscow.
  • ''The 15th War and Peace Ball'', London, the United Kingdom.
  • "Benefit Auction of Contemporary Russian Art. Peter Batkin and Operation Smile", Vassiliev Theater, Moscow.
  • "Star of the East", Kisselyov Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

  • IV International Trade Fair "EROS. Moscow. Style. Beauty. Health", "T-Module", Moscow, Russia.
  • "Arte 2005" Internationale Kunstausstellung, Basel, Switzerland.

  • " BREAKING REALITY", ARTPLAY, Moscow, Russia.

  • Discovering an Angel, St. Petersburg Water World Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Signs of our Time, Central Home of Art, Moscow, Russia.
  • New Year’s at Tverskoi-Yamskoi 20, Moscow Artists Union, Moscow, Russia.

  • The Russian Boondocks, Exhibition Hall at Kuznetskom Moctu, 20, Moscow, Russia.
  • Nashim Zhenshinam, Moscow Artists Union, Moscow, Russia.
  • We Will Help Irina Baklanova, Charitable exhibition-sale, A-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.

    Personal exhibitions:

  • "Dream of a Rose". House of Culture, Surgut, Russia.
  • Paradise Gallery, Rolan Bykov’s Center, Moscow, Russia.
  • "Parallel Worlds", Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow, Russia.
  • "Invitation to Dinner", Mayakovsky Theater, Moscow, Russia.
  • "Three Roses for You", Culture Center "Esteem", Moscow, Russia.
  • Representation of firm "PALL", Moscow, Russia.
  • Solnechni Dom Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • Another Place, A-3 Gallery, Moscow, Russia.
  • Volchek Lika
    Lydia Piviya
    Volchek Lika. Lydia Piviya
    1057 USD
    Kukueva Svetlana
    Not titled
    Kukueva Svetlana. Not titled
    876 USD
    Chigodaeva Catherine
    Flower arrangement 4
    Chigodaeva Catherine. Flower arrangement 4
    674 USD
    Alexandrovsky Alexander
    Morning in Old Ladoga
    Alexandrovsky Alexander. Morning in Old Ladoga
    119 USD
    215 USD
    Kriger Igor
    The beginning of autumn in the forest
    Kriger Igor. The beginning of autumn in the forest
    202 USD
    Grechina Anna
    Grechina Anna. Wave
    404 USD

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