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Продажа картин. Картинная галерея. Живопись, графика, рисунки

Balantsov Valery. In pink tones
Balantsov Valery.
In pink tones

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Chernyy Alexandr

Chernyy Alexandr

City:Naberezhnye Chelny, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 498
Registration date: 2009.05.07
ArtNow rating: 627

Was born in 1950. Leninogorsk graduated from teachers College in 1969. The participant of city and Republican exhibitions since 1995. Member of the Union of artists of Tatarstan since 1997. Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 2008. Exhibitor Big Volga Saransk 2005, shows the Unity of Nizhny Novgorod, 2007. Personal exhibitions in the cities of Kolomna, Maloyaroslavets and Borovsk, Kaluga region, Kazan. Paintings are in the national Museum of fine arts and the Museum of Gorky, Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan, Museum and exhibition center in the city of Maloyaroslavets, and other natural history museums in the Republic of Tatarstan.


Creativity Chelny painters Alexander Black and his son Alex are appreciated by fellow artists, art critics and many viewers. Seemingly low-key, ineffective Central Russian landscape became
one of the main themes of their creativity. Their loving, attentive gaze, opened its poetry, the hidden beauty. Simple, it would seem that the reasons – the rain, haystack, old street of the city, village outskirts – treated with such piercing love for his native land of Tatarstan, so many of them sincere feelings, with such attention to the life of nature is shown elusive for the indifferent glance of the signs of the times, that excitement covers everyone who looks at their picture.
Of Black captivate its lyricism, they are built on the subtlest moods and nuances of gentle color.
Successfully works Alexander Black and in the genre of portraiture. Son Alex, despite his youth, has created a lot of beautiful, sonorous still lifes. Good, light art father and son Black remains true to the best traditions of Russian realistic art and awakens good feelings in all who comes across it.
Art historian, member of Union of artists of Tatarstan

"The world is A. the Black is bright and optimistic. His works carry a positive charge. They are not made up in the Studio and painted from life, which gives them credibility, originality, and infuses in them the power of life. Along with the state of nature, there is a state of mind of the author that suggests that he is an artist, that he is a poet."
Member of the Union of artists of Russia, honored artist of Tatarstan

"Black AV – one of the few in our time, genuinely refers to the art of painting. He always wrote from life, not think about the economic moments in a painting that is very valuable."
Member of the Union of artists of Russia V. Morozov

This work is an example of an act of citizenship, an expression of love and respect for the Fatherland and the land where you were born and live.These landscapes native Russia native us viewers.
Contemplate.It's beautiful.It's ours.It is with us like take care of, remember. Actor Alexander Pankratov-Black

Glad that in your works much kindness of the world-creative that in our time is very valuable.Your work chlorotica well companany professionally done
Corresponding member AHN of Russia people's artist of Russia-E. Gavrilova N.

Dear Alexander Vasilyevich. Your exhibition in Borovsk carries a large intellectual beginning, a sense of what you write is close to you, expensive.Love always makes the art valuable.I would like to specifically mention (in the evening) (sunshine) something very beautiful in color carries the exact mood and figurative beginning.Landscape with a boat on the Kama modest colors simple in composition and bears, despite the size, picture start.Interesting (Spring) (spring day) (the pond in the woods, and others.
People's artist of Russia Vladimir Mironov

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Нахалка. К вечеру
Ручей в Чемодурово
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