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Grechina Anna

Grechina Anna
Registration 2019.03.20
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Painting (34 artworks)

Still life with garlic "Family in the cosmos"
Натюрморт с чесноком "Семья во вселенной"
Evening on Lake Seliger
Вечер на озере Селигер
Evening on the Pleshcheyevo lake
Вечер на Плещеевом озере


I am Anna Grechina, a professional artist, Member of the Union of Artists of Russia. Born in Moscow in 1974. I graduated from the Moscow State Art Academy named after S. G. Stroganov and the Moscow Academic Art School "In Memory of 1905". I take part in exhibitions, collaborate with curators and galleries in Moscow.

My parents are famous Russian artists, painters, father Sergey Geta is one of the 5 best hyperrealist artists in Russia. Paintings of my mother Olga Grechina are in state museums and private collections in different countries.

All my life I worked as a designer, marketer, art director. But a few years ago, I realized that stop! I don’t want to be a designer anymore, I don’t want a computer. I want to devote my life to painting!

Since I’ve watched my parents painting for their whole life, since childhood I fell in love with Hyperrealism and my dream has ripened in me. Now I devote myself with great pleasure to the study of Hyperrealism in painting.
I do not like and do not want to just copy photos !!! This can be taught to any artisan.

In my opinion, Hyperrealism should not only convey real objects, but also make an exceptionally strong effect on human consciousness. Hyperrealism reveals what we do not notice in the simple world, makes space bigger, stronger, louder, brighter, makes any details sound. I want us to become small as children again and be surprised to look at simple things anew, recognizing their essence and beauty. I want your soul to accept what I saw, and let it stay there forever.

I am incredibly grateful to my husband and children who support and inspire me in my creation!
Grechina Anna
Still life with apples "Autumn Rhapsody"
Grechina Anna. Still life with apples "Autumn Rhapsody"
229 USD
Grechina Anna
Grechina Anna. Trinity
2023 USD
Grechina Anna
Ukraine, August
Grechina Anna. Ukraine, August
161 USD
Grechina Anna
Grapes and light
Grechina Anna. Grapes and light
2023 USD
Grechina Anna
Still life with grapes "Shining"
Grechina Anna. Still life with grapes "Shining"
1348 USD
Grechina Anna
Still life with garlic "Family in the cosmos"
Grechina Anna. Still life with garlic "Family in the cosmos"
1618 USD

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