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Tyutina-Zaykova Ekaterina

Painting (67 artworks)

The Falcon Stone. Morning on Chusovaya
Historical square. May days
Turgenev Street. Cozy morning
The embankment near the circus. The first green


Ekaterina tyutina-Zaikova was born in 1982 in the village of lake Rezhevskoy district, Sverdlovsk region. She graduated with honors from the professional Lyceum as a graphic designer and from the professional pedagogical College in Moscow. Yekaterinburg, faculty of decorative and applied arts. Graduated from the Russian state vocational pedagogical University with a red diploma in art design. She studied in the Studio of the Shadr school. Ekaterina is a hard-working, disciplined person who devotes a lot of time to self-education and practice, constantly improves in painting techniques, takes part in city, regional and international art projects. Conducts master classes. Prefers easel painting (landscape and portrait genres). In 2016. The administration of Yekaterinburg purchased a collection of city landscapes from the artist of 165 paintings. Catherine's hand painted more than 150 portraits to order. Catherine's hand painted more than 150 portraits to order. The works are located in the USA, Germany, France, the Czech Republic, Canada and in many parts of Russia.

" She manages to see in this world, first of all, beauty and kindness. It today rare and valuable quality. Even when Ekaterina Tyutina-Zaykova writes some very simple, absolutely household scene, for example preparation of firewood, it all the same turns out vital. You look and almost physically you feel a smell of sawdust, the fresh and invigorating rural air and even warmly not cooled down Russian furnace in the house near which the woodpile umastitsya" Dolganova S.V. member of the international association of art critics
Panina Kira
Calling for spring
Panina Kira. Calling for spring
176 USD
Malykh Evgeny
The Pavlovsk Park
Malykh Evgeny. The Pavlovsk Park
414 USD
Paroshin Vladimir
In the summer beginning
Paroshin Vladimir. In the summer beginning
690 USD
Poluyan Yelena
Fresh morning
Poluyan Yelena. Fresh morning
1767 USD
Samokhvalov Alexander
Lake Jackson
Samokhvalov Alexander. Lake Jackson
566 USD
Volosov Vladmir
Volosov Vladmir. Birchres
1035 USD

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