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Vlodarchik Andjei

Registration 2017.11.15
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     - painting: 609
     - graphics: 187
     - copies: 536

Painting (347 artworks)

Bouquet of tea roses in a glass vase
Букет чайных роз в стеклянной вазе
Garden still life with asters and raspberries
Садовый натюрморт с астрами и малиной
Bouquet of yellow roses for happiness
Букет жёлтых роз на счастье
Bouquet of wild flowers in a white jug
Букет полевых цветов в белом кувшине

Graphics (1 artworks)

Mediterranean. Midday solitude
Средиземноморье. Полуденное безлюдье

Copies (26 artworks)

Copy of Van Gogh's painting. Vase with fifteen sunflowers, 1888
Копия картины Ван Гога. Ваза с пятнадцатью подсолнухами, 1888г.
A copy of Van Gogh's painting. Harvest in La Cro, and Montmajeur in the background
Копия картины Ван Гога. Урожай в Ла Кро, и Монмажор на заднем плане
A copy of Van Gogh's painting. Olive trees with a yellow sky and the sun , 1889
Копия картины Ван Гога. Оливковые деревья с желтым небом и солнцем, 1889 г.
A copy of Van Gogh's painting. The terrace of the night cafe Place du Forum in Arles
Копия картины Ван Гога. Терраса ночного кафе Плейс ду Форум в Арле


He was born in 1974 in Wroclaw (Poland). He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz in 1997. He received his master's degree in the European Academy of Arts (EAS) in Warsaw in 2000. Participant of exhibitions in Poland, Spain, Ukraine. Works are in many private collections in Europe and Asia.
Mishagin Andrey
Mishagin Andrey. Untitled
1241 USD
Poluyan Yelena
The Trubetskoy-Bove estate in Petrovsky lane
Poluyan Yelena. The Trubetskoy-Bove estate in Petrovsky lane
606 USD
Kharchenko Victoria
On the way up
Kharchenko Victoria. On the way up
3302 USD
Medvedev Igor
Medvedev Igor. Duet
907 USD
Mikhalskaya Katya
The almond has blossomed
Mikhalskaya Katya. The almond has blossomed
1693 USD
Andrianov Andrey
Old mirror
Andrianov Andrey. Old mirror
169 USD

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