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Sedyh Olga

Sedyh Olga
Registration 2013.01.13
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Painting (184 artworks)

Daisies in amber
Ромашки в янтаре
Marshmallow and Snapdragon
Алтея и львиный зев
Roasts and lupins
Жарки и люпины
The lightness of Provence
Лёгкость Прованса

Graphics (5 artworks)

Автопортрет, «Берёзка».
Лесная фея


Olga Andreevna Sedyh - artist painter, decorator.
She was born November 14, 1978 in the city of Togliatti, Samara region. She graduated from High School of Art in 1996. She studied at the Togliatti State University. In 2002 she defended her diploma at the Department of Fine Arts. Multiple participant of city and regional exhibitions. Engaged in artistic decoration of modern interiors. Completed over thirty projects in Russia and abroad.
Sedyh Olga
Winter Emeralds
Sedyh Olga. Winter Emeralds
794 USD
Sedyh Olga
Nowruz, Persian spring
Sedyh Olga. Nowruz, Persian spring
733 USD
Sedyh Olga
Sedyh Olga. Orcas
550 USD
Sedyh Olga
The lightness of Provence
Sedyh Olga. The lightness of Provence
733 USD
Sedyh Olga
Amber history
Sedyh Olga. Amber history
733 USD
Sedyh Olga
Garnet glitter
Sedyh Olga. Garnet glitter
794 USD

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