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Smirnoff Andrey. Cloud
canvas/oil 50cm x 60cm 2021
Available only for commission

475 USD

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Publication date: 2014.07.11
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In this picture, I tried to convey my attitude towards women. They are goddesses who give sincere love and life. I adore their beauty, grace, kindness and ability to selflessly give love.
This picture was written for about 1 month. At first, I made a wooden stretcher myself. Then, I stretched and primed the canvas. Next, I drew a drawing on the canvas - the composition of the picture. And only then began to apply oil paint with confident strokes on the canvas.
After the first layer of oil paint dried, I started painting the second and third layers. I like it when the oil paint is textured.
I am very attentive to the process of writing a face. I always try to make the girls face in the picture look like a porcelain doll.
And only when all the layers of oil paint are dry, I cover the canvas with varnish, and apply an imitation of gold.
Some paintings are painted for more than a month, because I try to make each picture a small Masterpiece!
Panina Kira
From the series "The Lady with the dog"
Panina Kira. From the series "The Lady with the dog"
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Sunny patio
Kovalenko Lina. Sunny patio
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Shadows in the Forest
Volosov Vladmir. Shadows in the Forest
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