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Gaiderov Michail

Gaiderov Michail
Registration 2007.05.11
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Painting (779 artworks)

Грибная пора
Теплый вечер. Проселок
Заросший пруд. Этюд
Evening at muddy pond
Вечер у заросшего пруда

Icons (11 artworks)

Святой Апостол и Евангелист Матфей
Святая Преподобномученица Василиса Египетская
Складень Иверская икона Божьей Матери, Святой Ангел Хранитель, Преподобный Сергий Радонежский
Святые Мученики Флор и Лавр


Gajderov Michael Valentinovich was born on March, 16th, 1961 in the city of Kolomna of the Moscow area.

In 1985 has finished ' Общетехнический faculty ' the Kolomna pedagogical college, as well as ' Faculty of the Fine arts ' in the same college.
Is a member TO ' the Union of Artists of Russia '.

Michael Gajderov conducts active exhibition activity.
It the participant of exhibitions of the Kolomna artists, as well as personal exhibitions of different years.

Many picturesque cloths of M. Гайдерова are in private collections and галлереях Russia and many countries of the world.

All works are executed in favourite technics of the author - oil painting.
Kukueva Svetlana
Not titled
Kukueva Svetlana. Not titled
1179 USD
Grechina Olga
Nude with a hoop
Grechina Olga. Nude with a hoop
3930 USD
Rubinsky Pavel
Rubinsky Pavel. March
786 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Rudnik Mihkail. Mushrooms
327 USD
Svinin Andrey
Fresh morning in the forest
Svinin Andrey. Fresh morning in the forest
2620 USD
Zhilov Andrey
October evening
Zhilov Andrey. October evening
222 USD

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