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Mirgorod Irina

Mirgorod Irina
Registration 2009.09.10
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 600
     - graphics: 390
     - batic: 441

Painting (117 artworks)

Irises. Minuet at sunset
Ирисы. Менуэт на закате
Vorontsov park. Farewell look
Воронцовский парк. Прощальный взгляд
Ay-Petri. Reminiscing about the past
Ай-Петри. Вспоминая о прошлом
Alupka. The stones. Hot in the sun
Алупка. Камни. Раскаленные солнцем

Graphics (1 artworks)

Пионы. Утро туманное

Batic (3 artworks)

Роспись рукава рубахи.


Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna окончила hud.-graficheskiy faculty MPGU im. Lenina. in 1995г. 1996-2007 gg. -joint and personal exhibitions in Main architectural-design management (Moscow), Gosdume (Moscow), Management on deals of the president (RF).

1997 - CDH, exhibition ART gallery "Alliance creative activity" "In quest of genre " (Moscow).

1998 -a collective show of the work in Ukrainian house (the Kiev).( In presence catalogue exhibitions) 1999г-cooperation with gallery "Best", "Марс", "Три building".
1996-2009 gg. - a personal exhibitions in gallery "S'ARTE (Doneck-Kiev).

2001-2006 gg. - a personal exhibitions in Feodosii, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donecke, Moscow, Elektrostali.
Charina Anna
Lilac and Polygonatum
Charina Anna. Lilac and Polygonatum
316 USD
790 USD
Komarov Nickolay
Not titled
Komarov Nickolay. Not titled
3295 USD
Komarova Elena
Komarova Elena. Dance
1977 USD
Vedeshina Zinaida
Not titled
Vedeshina Zinaida. Not titled
263 USD
Kharchenko Victoria
The morning Ponte Vecchio
Kharchenko Victoria. The morning Ponte Vecchio
435 USD
Aronov Aleksey
Boats in warm milk
Aronov Aleksey. Boats in warm milk
395 USD

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