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Mirgorod Irina

Mirgorod Irina
Registration 2009.09.10
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 600
     - graphics: 390
     - batic: 441

Painting (120 artworks)

Без названия
Twilight. Nature. Flutes nervous voice
Сумерки. Природа. Флейты голос нервный
Sonorous April
Звонкий апрель
Irises. Minuet at sunset
Ирисы. Менуэт на закате

Graphics (1 artworks)

Пионы. Утро туманное

Batic (3 artworks)

Роспись рукава рубахи.


Mirgorod Irina Nikolaevna окончила hud.-graficheskiy faculty MPGU im. Lenina. in 1995г. 1996-2007 gg. -joint and personal exhibitions in Main architectural-design management (Moscow), Gosdume (Moscow), Management on deals of the president (RF).

1997 - CDH, exhibition ART gallery "Alliance creative activity" "In quest of genre " (Moscow).

1998 -a collective show of the work in Ukrainian house (the Kiev).( In presence catalogue exhibitions) 1999г-cooperation with gallery "Best", "Марс", "Три building".
1996-2009 gg. - a personal exhibitions in gallery "S'ARTE (Doneck-Kiev).

2001-2006 gg. - a personal exhibitions in Feodosii, Sevastopol, Odessa, Donecke, Moscow, Elektrostali.
Veranes Tatiana
In the garden at the yellow house
Veranes Tatiana. In the garden at the yellow house
546 USD
Stepanov Pavel
The greatness of the volcano in the mirror of water
Stepanov Pavel. The greatness of the volcano in the mirror of water
957 USD
Pianoff Denis
The History of Infinity
Pianoff Denis. The History of Infinity
1700 USD
Bruno Tina
Bruno Tina. Birds
478 USD
Kovalenko Lina
Summer charm
Kovalenko Lina. Summer charm
957 USD
Gunin Alexander
Gunin Alexander. Untitled
341 USD

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