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Yaskin Vladimir

Yaskin Vladimir
Registration 2015.09.16
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     - painting: 709
     - copies: 432

Painting (87 artworks)

Gentle evening
Нежный вечер
Woodcocks roding
На тяге вальдшнепов
White rosehip
Белый шиповник
Сapercaillie current
Глухарь токует

Copies (5 artworks)

Two Tahitian Women - by Paul Gauguin
Две таитянки - по Гогену
Phryne at Henry Siemiradzki
Фрина по Г. Семирадскому
Berthe Morisot by Manet
Берта Моризо по Мане
Where are you going? (by Paul Gauguin)
Куда ты идешь? (по Гогену)


Yaskin Vladimir. Born in Sverdlovsk, began to paint in the art studio at school. Graduated from Lomonosov Moscow State University, Faculty of biology. Drawing studied at the workshops on the morphology of plants and animals, later when making scientific works. Candidate of biological sciences. History and theory of Arts studied independently. Favourite genres of painting - landscape, animals, flowers, portrait, nude.

Member of the International Federation of artists, the International art Fund and the Professional Union of artists of Russia.

Participated in exhibitions. Laureate of the international competitions of painting (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Warsaw, London, New York, Philadelphia). Artworks published in the German journal of art "Ostwind" 2014, in the journal «Russian Gallery XXI century», 2015, no. 4.
Yaskin Vladimir
Yaskin Vladimir. Student
755 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
At the night window
Yaskin Vladimir. At the night window
969 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Mauritanian lawn
Yaskin Vladimir. Mauritanian lawn
955 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Yaskin Vladimir. Oasis
670 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
Where are you going? (by Paul Gauguin)
Yaskin Vladimir. Where are you going? (by Paul Gauguin)
1211 USD
Yaskin Vladimir
The Sun is rising
Yaskin Vladimir. The Sun is rising
812 USD

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