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And if our souls are suddenly united

Author: Volchek Lika
Volchek Lika. And if our souls are suddenly united
paper/pastel 29.7cm x 21cm 2007
The artwork is framed

Price 1698 USD

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Genre: Nudes
Publication date: 2008.08.02
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together with you
dancing the dance of all time
all generations on earth. ..
and if our souls are suddenly united -
we won the cold darkness and horror
  ecumenical crossroads!
and there is no other way is more important to us
than to love one another
  the entire depth of the soul!
and so to love - to humble gods
forgiven us crannies of our travels!
Lika Volchek
The graphics used in the video installation that shows the Central Exhibition Hall Manege St. Petersburg, etc.
can print on different media and different size
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