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Ray Liza

Ray Liza
Registration 2009.09.10
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 593
     - graphics: 399

Painting (115 artworks)

Black and white
Чёрное и белое
Лиза Рэй – Пора вставать
The ice cream floated
Мороженое поплыло
Birthday is a sad holiday
День рождения - грустный праздник

Graphics (2 artworks)

St. Petersburg seagulls
Петербуржские чайки
Girl with a palette of feelings
Девушка с палитрой чувств


Formation: ДХШ, АГУ faculty FIPI.
Participation in exhibitions: work in «Х-gallery», the Union of artists of Kazakhstan, teaching in studio at the Union of Architects RК, the House of creativity.
Pictures are available in private collections of the USA and Germany.
Attention: Sale of works is possible only in COLLECTIONS to members of collectors' clubs or art dealers.
About creativity:
My surrealism is laconic, the most important thing happens in the central part of the canvas, there is no overload of unnecessary details. The meaning and transformation of spaces and objects inherent in the composition come to the fore. The deliberate absence of aerial perspective and general illumination of the entire composition as a whole, glues the space and objects in the plot, and also allows one to perceive all transformed objects as a whole. This is not my invention, this technique was used by Rene Magritte. Each work is a phrase, a reflection, or just a surprise. Favorite themes are female images, love, philosophy. Favorite images are, of course, the sea, autumn, space.
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Koktebel
632 USD
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor
Chicks are hatched
Medvedev-Orlovskiy Igor. Chicks are hatched
800 USD
Simonova Olga
Flying seagull
Simonova Olga. Flying seagull
210 USD
Panina Kira
Make a wish
Panina Kira. Make a wish
175 USD
Lapovok Vladimir
Lapovok Vladimir. Untitled
1545 USD
Volya Alexander
Volya Alexander. Hen
32 USD
63 USD

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