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Volosov Vladmir. Loneliness in the big city
Volosov Vladmir.
Loneliness in the big city

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Panasyuk Natalia

Panasyuk Natalia

City:Moscow, Ryazan, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 148
Registration date: 2010.02.03
ArtNow rating: 853

Has ended the Ryazan Art College of G.K.Vagner. The Moscow State University of Culture and Arts.
Worked as the teacher in art school, in children's studio, in art workshops. I am free artist. My pictures are in various corners of our country and the world.
It is guaranteed I will deliver works to Moscow within 1-2 days, in any other region Russian Federation and abroad as fast as possible, I will observe a copy of any size in the minimum terms. All pictures are covered by a protective acrylic varnish and issued in frames. Thanks you for attention and pleasant viewing!

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