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Maykov Igor

Maykov Igor
Registration 2008.06.02
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 742
     - graphics: 634
     - copies: 453
     - decor: 474

Painting (287 artworks)

Flowers and Herbs
Цветы и Травы
Summer Solstice
Праздник летнего солнцестояния
Cold lines of letter (fragment)
Холодные строки письма (фрагмент)

Graphics (52 artworks)

the Moon
made in USSR
made in USSR...
New home
Новый дом

Copies (2 artworks)

Copy from the picture'' A 17th century masquerade'' (1887). Adrien Moreau
копия с картины А. Моро«Маскарад 17-го века»
Два сатира

Decor (2 artworks)

Golden sutra
Золотая Сутра
the cat


Maykov Igor was born in 1966y. to Riga. From 1994y. he constantly exibits paintings in Latvia and other countrys.П
Komarov Nickolay
Not titled
Komarov Nickolay. Not titled
2839 USD
Gappasov Ramil
Not titled
Gappasov Ramil. Not titled
496 USD
Malivani Diana
Bloomy Lemon Tree
Malivani Diana. Bloomy Lemon Tree
11243 USD
Dzhanilyatii Antonio
Dzhanilyatii Antonio. Poppies
369 USD
Chistiakov Vsevolod
Karelian landscape
Chistiakov Vsevolod. Karelian landscape
49 USD
Volvak Inna
Volvak Inna. Crossing
3620 USD

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