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Khromykh Natalia

Khromykh Natalia
Registration 2009.10.29
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 557
     - graphics: 625
     - batic: 533
     - jeweller art: 520
     - art embroidered painting: 517
     - decor: 490

Painting (20 artworks)

Джон Леннон
где-то на острове
шум тишины

Graphics (214 artworks)

улочки ванецианские -2
суета предновогодняя

Batic (32 artworks)

когда цветут тюльпаны
весенний цвет

Jeweller art (44 artworks)

вторая встреча
заколка "золотный узор"
простая геометрия

Art embroidered painting (26 artworks)

золотой узор
Spello (Italy)
улочка города Спелло
Аленький на фоне красном
Аленький на фоне красном

Decor (15 artworks)

Венеция на камешке -5
Венеция на камешке -4
русская красавица
русская красавица (миниатюра 3)


I was born in 1974 in Mariupol, Ucraine.
Painting has been my passion ever since I was a little girl.
Growing up I attended an art school for children, along with regular school.
Tnen in 1991 I moved to Russia where I finished high school, specialising in golden clew broidery.
In 2002 I graduated from art school and in 2004 I earned a design degree from Moscow M.A. Sholohow university.
I have been living in Italy for 6 years - now and I am the mother of two children.
Volosov Vladmir
Portrait of an old barn
Volosov Vladmir. Portrait of an old barn
948 USD
Paroshin Vladimir
Morning in Montmartre
Paroshin Vladimir. Morning in Montmartre
1192 USD
Zhinkina Larisa
Not titled
Zhinkina Larisa. Not titled
366 USD
406 USD
Silaeva Nina
Silaeva Nina. Untitled
311 USD
Kashaeva Daria
Not titled
Kashaeva Daria. Not titled
203 USD
Zaitseva Anastasia
Strawberry thief
Zaitseva Anastasia. Strawberry thief
830 USD

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