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Oleyn Dmitry

Oleyn Dmitry
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Painting (6 artworks)

Coral roses
Flower in flowers
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Since 2017 lives and works in Wiesbaden

2012 - 2017 Teacher of master classes at the Art and Architecture Academy, Kiev

2011 Recognition of the degree from Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz

2000 - 2008 Studies at the Academy of Art and Architecture, Kiev

1995 - 2000 Art College in Dnepr, graduation with the title "outstanding"

Born in 1979 in the Soviet Dnieper, 10 years enjoyed all the benefits of a communist education in the USSR, in the early 90s enjoyed all the benefits of a capitalist education in Ukraine.

Exhibitions (excerpts)

2012 - 2017 permanent exhibition in the "House of Artists", Kiev

2012 Exhibition "My Worlds" in the Cultural Forum of the ZMO (Cooperation with Eastern Europe), Mainz

2009 Exhibition "Insight" Schauspielhaus, Kiev

2009 Exhibition "Insight", Gallery Griffon, Kiev

2000 - 2008 permanent exhibition at the Academy of Art and Architecture, Kiev

2005 - 2006 permanent exhibition in the town hall of the city Bischofsheim

2001 - 2003 permanent exhibition Gallery Dmytrenko, Los Angeles

2000 Exhibition Art Gallery Hilaris in Dnieper

1995 - 2000 permanent exhibition in Art College


2015 and 2016 Winners of the International "Week of Art", Kiev

2011 Award from the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine for his outstanding work

2009 Honorary Certificate of the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, for its significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian culture

2000 winner of the "World Art Competition", the gallery Dmytrenko, Los Angeles


2010 and 2012 "Christies" in London
Veranes Tatiana
Not titled
Veranes Tatiana. Not titled
950 USD
Mikhalskaya Katya
White rose. The middle of summer
Mikhalskaya Katya. White rose. The middle of summer
679 USD
Shedrina Maria
Not titled
Shedrina Maria. Not titled
203 USD
Tyutrin Peter
Goodbye Netherlands
Tyutrin Peter. Goodbye Netherlands
13036 USD
Apazidis Dimitris
Madrid. Spain
Apazidis Dimitris. Madrid. Spain
448 USD
Imar Marina
Imar Marina. Martini
203 USD

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