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Path of light

Yakovleva Mariya. Path of light
canvas/oil 70cm x 40cm 2021

Price 717 USD

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Publication date: 2021.03.27
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The painting is made in a combination of oil paints with liquid gold leaf.
Liquid potal gives very spectacular abstract stains, which is very reminiscent of outer space with clouds of dust and gas, flying comets, bright stars.
The dark and cool color of space complements the golden sheen of gold. The picture shows the pronounced shape of the planet, surrounded by many flying fragments of asteroids.

When sent to Russia or abroad, the canvas will be removed from the stretcher, rolled into a roll
and sent in a tube.
After receiving, you can re-stretch the picture on a stretcher and hang it in your interior!

The canvas will be removed from the stretcher, rolled up and sent in a tube.
If you have any questions or want to order a painting, write to me!
Yakovleva Mariya
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