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Panov Eduard. Not titled  
Panov Eduard.
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Dyachenko George

Dyachenko George

City:Gaysin, Ukraine
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 117
Registration date: 2009.01.17
ArtNow rating:
     - sculpture: 621
     - icons: 538

A carver on a tree is my second profession.
In the works want to show gladness and grief of our earth, age-old suffering of common folk and at the same time grandeur of Ukrainian nation.
My love to Ukraine is my works.
George Dyachenko

George Alexandrovich Dyachenko - interesting creative personality.
With large love and sincerity he reproduces offenses, seen in life, arts Biblical subjects got to know from history. And does this G. Dyachenko refined and skilfully.

An artist borned on April, 24, 1954 in the remarkable Podil'skij edge - town Gaysin of the Vinnitca area. On speciality doctor-neurologist.

In 1989 year made off the faculty of the decoratively applied art of extra-mural folk university the name of Nadezhda Krupskoy in Moscow. Participant of the 4 personal regional and republican exhibitions.

His works, mainly, on a religious and historical subject - icons, portraits of glorious prominent Ukrainians, hetmen, subjects from life of saints, rural life.

Today in collection of George Dyachenko more than 400 pictures.

The pictures of artist use large popularity and are in private collections of country of the USA, Canada, Belgium, Russia, France, and also Presidents of Ukraine of Kuchma L.D. and Yuschenko V.A., with which George Dyachenko had the direct meetings. Warmly enough the representatives of creative elite of Ukraine speak of artist.

Dyachenko George. Sculpture (96 artworks ) >>

Самийло Яшный
C Рождеством Христовым (фрагмент)
C Рождеством Христовым
Перебендя (по Шевченку)
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Dyachenko George. Icons (21 artworks ) >>

Ангел Хранитель
Напрестольный крест (двусторонний, ст.1)
Напрестольный крест (двусторонний, ст.2)
Богоматерь Всех скорбящих Радость
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