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Veranes Tatiana. Not titled  
Veranes Tatiana.
Not titled

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Abramov Aleksey

Abramov Aleksey

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist's agent
Artworks total: 98
Registration date: 2007.12.16
ArtNow rating:
     - copies: 427
     - sculpture: 531
     - icons: 468
     - mosaic: 425
     - decor: 566

Alekseey was born in Moscow in 1960. He did a part of his studies at
MESI (The Moscow Economics and Statistics Institute). Baptised in
1980, he quit the Young Communist League in 1981. Aleksey graduated
with distinction from the Special Arts and Technical School (Moscow)
as master cabinet-maker and subsequently worked as restorer in the
Trytyakov Gallery and the Ostankino Palace. He produced iconostases
and church utensils, performed assignments for well-known politicians
and cultural figures, worked on restoring projects in Berlin and
Washington DC. Aleksey is a member of the UNESCO International
Federation of Artists and the International Society of Designers. His
first personal exhibition of wood-carved icons was held in 1997 in the
Russian school of the "Palomnik" society. Aleksey is an award-winning
designer. His book "A Carver's Notes, or in Search of the Golden Mean"
was published in 2005. His work was regularly exhibited at the
"Central House of Artists" in Moscow. Aleksey works in close
cooperation with his spouse, the artist, icon painter and restorer
Liya Kokaya.

Abramov Aleksey. Copies (5 artworks ) >>

деталь иконостаса
копия детали кресла ампир из Третьяковской галереи
копия рамы французского резчика Споля из Останкинского дворца
Распятие в стиле модерн
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Abramov Aleksey. Sculpture (16 artworks ) >>

Скифская пленница
Царица Савская
Реставрация скульптуры В. Мухиной "С. Корень в роли Меркуцио" из Ромео и Джульетты
фрагмент дивана
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Abramov Aleksey. Icons (29 artworks ) >>

Александр Невский
Преподобный Сергий Радонежский
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Abramov Aleksey. Mosaic (2 artworks ) >>

вариация на тему портрета Холмгоровас картины Нестерова
филенка авторского шкафа

Abramov Aleksey. Decor (46 artworks ) >>

Намек на деконструктивизм
реставрация канапе
Реставрация барокко
из швейной машинки
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