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Baglareedis Michael

Baglareedis Michael
Registration 2011.04.05
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 621
     - graphics: 633
     - wall painting: 508
     - decor: 522
     - copies: 507
     - giclee, prints, posters: 456

Painting (413 artworks)

Натюрморт с Филимо́новской игрушкой
композиция №2
цикл селекция

Graphics (711 artworks)

наброски из альбома
наброски из альбома "полотёр"
наброски с альбома
наброски из альбома

Wall painting (18 artworks)

облака (потолок частный дом)
пейзаж триптих ..совместно с художником Демиденко А.Е.
пейзаж триптих ..совместно с художником Демиденко А.Е.
Итальянский дворик. Интерьерь Шкаф. Част.квар. Совместная работа с худ.Демиденко А.Е

Decor (31 artworks)

палитра+ начинка двухкасетника JVC+фото школьника в костюме космонавта
палитра+ начинка двухкасетника JVC+фигурка девы Марии+нимб
цикл "вторая жизнь винила"
цикл "вторая жизнь винила"

Copies (23 artworks)

из цикла аль-прима "три букета на тёмном фоне"
Ваза с красными маками (копия картины Ван Гога)
Сена возле Асньера (свободная копия картины Ренура)
Водяные лилии (свободная копия картины Моне)

Giclee, prints, posters (3 artworks)

инсталляция 6 Окон
..инсталляция 6 Окон
...инсталляция 6 Окон


Michael Baglareedis was born May 14, 1961 in Georgia - the southern part of former Soviet Union. In 1985 he graduated the school of professional artists in Moscow. He has taken a great interest in avant-guarde art and tried himsef in different directions. Between 1987-1991 Baglareedis took part in a range of exhibitions, including the exhibition devoted to the memory of famous Russian artist Anatoly Zverev in the Central House of Artists, under a pseudonym "Michael-Greek". In 1991 his personal exhibition took place in the gallery "Novogyreevo" in Moscow. During this time e has created a lot a works, basically graphics, most part of which he destroyed later. After the creative crisis Michael left from the public life for a long time, but continued to work as a painter. Baglareedis usually creates series of paintings often contrasting among each other: from abstract canvases up to quite realistic portraits. One of the last works - the portrait of the President of Greece Karlos Papulias, which artist had handed hom personally. The works of Michael Baglareedis are in private and corporative collections in many countries (Russia, USA, Canada, Finland, Austria, Italy, Cyprus, Greece).
Panina Kira
Panina Kira. Quince
195 USD
Bocharova Anna
Not titled
Bocharova Anna. Not titled
143 USD
Gunin Alexander
Gunin Alexander. Cassiopeia
937 USD
Rubinsky Pavel
Kupavny and forget-me-nots
Rubinsky Pavel. Kupavny and forget-me-nots
1067 USD
Volchek Lika
Two fancy
Volchek Lika. Two fancy
10468 USD
Belareva Rivka
Belareva Rivka. Quarantine
976 USD

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