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Kleshchyov Andrey. Evening parking  
Kleshchyov Andrey.
Evening parking

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Stepanov Gennadiy

Stepanov Gennadiy

City:Rostov-on-Don, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 9
Registration date: 2018.06.20
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Architect, artist, icon painter.

Since my childhood I have been engaged in fine arts. The first teacher was my father - a famous Soviet and Russian artist - a graphic artist, painter and sculptor.

He received a basic art education: Children's Art School, Rostov Art College named after M.B. Grekova.
Higher academic: Architectural faculty of DonNACEA. Red diploma.
Additional education: Icon-painting department at the Don Theological Seminary.

This is not a complete arsenal of my formations. He took private lessons from unknown, but blessed icon painters at temples and monasteries. Periodically I make trips to Athos.

I actively participate in the restoration of destroyed churches in Novorossia.
Icon-painting works, presented on my page, are executed in Russian and Byzantine canonical style.
Evangelical simplicity without superfluous adornment is the main style of the proposed works.
In any case, the icon is always a shrine, no matter in what manner of painting it might be performed.
The main thing in work on the image is the degree of responsibility of the icon painter for his work before the one he portrays.

Many icons are donated to churches, schools, hospitals, orphanages, prayer rooms of military units.

Any icon - be it temple, dimensional, family, wedding - is not only an ornament of the interior, it is, above all, a picturesque image of a saint who is called upon to have the believer to pray.
The icon is a special spiritual gift for yourself and a loved one.

The circle of my interests is not limited only to icon painting. Graphics, painting, sculpture of small forms - fill the creation with air, fresh ideas and novelty, not allowing to stay in a closed space.

I would be glad if the work presented on this page will please you.

Sincerely, Gennady.

Stepanov Gennadiy. Painting (2 artworks ) >>

Свято - Касперовский женский монастырь. Храм.
Вечерний город.

Stepanov Gennadiy. Icons (7 artworks ) >>

Икона Божией Матери Донская
Владимирская Икона Божией Матери
Донская икона Божией Матери
Икона Святой преподобномученик Вадим Персидский
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