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Nepyanova Natalya

Nepyanova Natalya
Registration 2019.10.31
ArtNow rating: 383

Painting (15 artworks)

View of the Birzhevoy Bridge in St. Petersburg
Вид на Биржевой мост в Санкт-Петербурге
Festive still life
Праздничный натюрморт
Buturlina's house in St. Petersburg
Дом Бутурлиной в Санкт-Петербурге
Still life with a green jug
Натюрморт с зеленым кувшином


Natalia Nepyanova was born in Penza in 1968.
In 1988 she graduated from the Penza Art College named after K.A. Savitsky, picturesque - pedagogical department.
Member of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1993.
Actively participates in regional, zonal, regional, republican, international exhibitions. In total, more than 60 exhibitions.
Pictures of N. Nepyanova are in the collection of the Penza Art Gallery. K.A.Savitsky (7 works of different years), in private collections in Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, France, China.

I love living art when everything comes from the heart. I like the creative process itself, so I'm not afraid to work on the picture for a long time. Just as much as you need to complete it. I admire the beauty of the world. This world is in everything, in every flower, petal, sun glare … Another moment and everything will change and you need to be in time!
Minaev Sergey
Minaev Sergey. Ship
518 USD
Panov Eduard
Not titled
Panov Eduard. Not titled
3239 USD
Shedrina Maria
Not titled
Shedrina Maria. Not titled
194 USD
Komarova Elena
Komarova Elena. Dance
1943 USD
Tretiakov Denis
Tretiakov Denis. Bear
621 USD
Gerasimov Vladimir
Moscow. Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Rogozhskaya settlement that Gonnoy
Gerasimov Vladimir. Moscow. Church of St. Sergius of Radonezh in Rogozhskaya settlement that Gonnoy
971 USD

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