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925 Sterling Silver

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Boldin Vadim. Pendant with turquoise. Silver 925 sample (925 Sterling Silver)
Pendant with turquoise. Silver 925 sample (925 Sterling Silver). Boldin Vadim
120 USD
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Dementiev Sergey.
Untitled (925 Sterling Silver)
Untitled (925 Sterling Silver). Dementiev Sergey
252 USD
For commission
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Aronov Aleksey
Mandarin mood
Aronov Aleksey. Mandarin mood
421 USD
Makhnach Valeria
Makhnach Valeria. Untitled
350 USD
Dzhanilyatti Antonio
Dzhanilyatti Antonio. Roses
631 USD
Stolyarov Vadim
Touch to dreams
Stolyarov Vadim. Touch to dreams
5292 USD
Gritsenko Valentina
The Red Thread
Gritsenko Valentina. The Red Thread
1403 USD
Otroshko Aleksandr
Otroshko Aleksandr. Vine
3088 USD

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