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Almazov Aleksey

Almazov Aleksey
Registration 2021.07.28
ArtNow rating: 218

Painting (5 artworks)

Jesus Christ
Иисус Христос
Archangel Gabriel
Архистратиг Гавриил
Apostle Paul
Апостол Павел
Mother of God of Czestochowska
Ченстоховская Божия Матерь


Born on planet Earth. What can a person's age say? I have met different people: someone comes to prayer at the age of 15, and someone, even at the age of 60, is all survived by vanity. I have a professional art education, which did not help me learn how to paint really interesting pictures, but by the Spirit of God I got into the painting itself and began to create pictures. I think that the best education is the Image of God, that is, Christ. For many years I lived in Chile near the Pacific Ocean in search of spiritual meanings and myself. At the moment I am an active member of the Orthodox Church of Christ, I participate in her life and in common prayer. I paint pictures that resonate in my soul, the main task is to find the ratio of color rendering and depth. Each work is written with love and reverence.
Gappasov Ramil
Moscow. The evening at the Crimean embankment
Gappasov Ramil. Moscow. The evening at the Crimean embankment
466 USD
Rudnik Mihkail
Marmaris Bay
Rudnik Mihkail. Marmaris Bay
120 USD
Pryadko Yuri
Return of the herd
Pryadko Yuri. Return of the herd
1734 USD
3467 USD
Novikova Marina
It's covered up
Novikova Marina. It's covered up
93 USD
Panina Kira
Nasturtium and paradise apples
Panina Kira. Nasturtium and paradise apples
186 USD
Smorodinov Ruslan
Smorodinov Ruslan. Autumn
600 USD

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