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Yakovleva Mariya. Piones
canvas/oil 50cm x 40cm 2021

Price 153 USD

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Genre: Still life
Publication date: 2021.03.27
Other artworks of the artist:
I painted this bouquet because I really want to bring spring closer. Looking at this picture, I can feel the fresh smell of April, the awakening of nature.
A delicate bouquet of white peonies is painted in oil on canvas. The warm color scheme in light brown tones creates a very airy feeling. This picture will perfectly fit into the bright eco-interiors. In addition to the light colors in the picture, there is a bow on the vase. It creates additional movement in the space of the painting and fills the lower part of the picture. The picture is made with oil paints on canvas with a stretcher.

The painting will be packed in a box and several layers of protective materials.After receiving it, you can hang it in your interior!

The painting is covered with a varnish, which will prevent yellowing of the painting, as well as protect
it from moisture, dust, and sunlight.

If you have any questions or want to order a painting, do not hesitate to write to me!
Yakovleva Mariya
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