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Imar Marina. Gingerbread house  
Imar Marina.
Gingerbread house

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Imar Marina

Imar Marina

City:Moscow, Russia
URL: //
Contacts:e-mail to the artist
Artworks total: 57
Registration date: 2019.03.04
ArtNow rating:
     - painting: 472
     - graphics: 363

Education: Moscow State Industrial University. 2003.
Creative alias-Imar.

When people ask me when I get so many subjects and ideas for my works I usually answer That I am trying to reflect everything I have seen traveling around the world/ And a bit of imagination of course.
I travel a lot and like to discover: new countries, new cities, new people, museums, nature. Everything is interesting and unique.
The same can be applied to my works. I can’t say. I prefer a certain style or technique. I work in different techniques and always give place to experiment. Oil, acrylic paints, pastel and pencil are equality appealing and give a lot of possibilities for expression. I am always trying to make my works show my vision. I have both classical and avant-garde paintings.
I really agree with Daly when he says, that there is no point in painting an apple no it is. This much better to paint a worm tortured by love and a dancing crayfish with castanets and let elephants flutter above the apple, That the apple is an odd thing.

Union of Artists of St. Petersburg 2017.
Belarusian Union of Artists 2017.
Significant exhibitions:
• Moscow House Of Artists, 2017
• The gallery of "Pure arch" in Moscow, 2017
• house of Moscow. Minsk, 2017
• The Central house of artists, Moscow, 2017 and 2019
* Exhibition hall of the Union of artists of St. Petersburg 2017
• A series of exhibitions in CKT Nega 2017 – 2018
* "Color your thoughts in the colors of sunset." Museum of the Silver age. Moscow 2018 year
• "The great space of being." Museum of modern history of Russia / English club. Moscow, 2018.

Painting (50 artworks)

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Питер. Синий Мост
Пражские трамвайчики
Злата улочка.Прага.
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Imar Marina.
The rabbits in my yard
Imar Marina. The rabbits in my yard
Imar Marina.
The Gods Of Olympus
Imar Marina. The Gods Of Olympus
Imar Marina.
Imar Marina. Martini
Imar Marina.
Imar Marina. Speed
Imar Marina.
Imar Marina. Goalkeeper
Imar Marina.
Caribbean mosaic
Imar Marina. Caribbean mosaic

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