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The duel of swordsmen

Butko Vladimir. The duel of swordsmen
canvas/oil 50cm x 70cm 2021
Available only for commission

338 USD

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Publication date: 2021.04.11
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Hungary 15th century. Sigismund rules, and thats bad. Although from the point of view of the era of Sigismunds rule, the arrival of the Polovtsians is robbery and violence. Still, it describes a very local conflict, which is quite possible to end with the reconciliation of the parties. We think that the common people will be to blame again, but as far as I know, the ransom of prisoners did not always mean profit, the fights between swordsmen were increasingly ritual in nature and a demonstration of the courage of the courage of the armor and the skills of the coat of arms. But then it began, although very businesslike and beautiful, but in fact a market auction: Burned-pay, killed-pay, etc.
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