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Volkov Sergey. Not titled  
Volkov Sergey.
Not titled

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Bazunov Nikolay. Settlement

A small, typical settlement near the river (planet Saraksh). It is located on a huge desert territory. The main resources of life are high technology and technology left over from distant ancestors. Live in his enclave, quietly, arising. The main sources of alarm: some preserved radiation and wild animals.

Bazunov Nikolay. Settlement
canvas/oil 80cm x 100cm 2017

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Rodionov Igor.
The first snow
Rodionov Igor. The first snow
Vaveykin Viktor.
Cloudy day
Vaveykin Viktor. Cloudy day
Shpak Vycheslav.
Not titled
Shpak Vycheslav. Not titled
Poluyan Yelena.
Theatre square
Poluyan Yelena. Theatre square
Panina Kira.
Not titled
Panina Kira. Not titled
Gerasimov Vladimir.
November 21
Gerasimov Vladimir. November 21

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