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In sunny fields

Zhilov Andrey. In sunny fields
canvas/oil 25cm x 45cm 2021

Price 115 USD

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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2021.09.06
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A sunny warm summer for you, art lovers, on this cold and rainy day in September. The sketch was written in mid-August, somewhere between Perevoz and Ichalki, Nizhny Novgorod region. I never thought that at our latitude I would see sunflower fields! But no, there is, thanks for the tip to the kind person! I dont remember so much yellow cadmium in my summer landscape) As if in the middle of the sun waves, which do not see the end and end .. Such memories from that day!
Zhilov Andrey
Spruce forest. Evening
Zhilov Andrey. Spruce forest. Evening
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Zhilov Andrey
Gold of October
Zhilov Andrey. Gold of October
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Zhilov Andrey
Lupins at the hill
Zhilov Andrey. Lupins at the hill
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Zhilov Andrey
April evening
Zhilov Andrey. April evening
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Zhilov Andrey
Autumn melody
Zhilov Andrey. Autumn melody
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Zhilov Andrey
Cloudy day in the spruce forest
Zhilov Andrey. Cloudy day in the spruce forest
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