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Evening in Yazykov

Zhilov Andrey. Evening in Yazykov
canvas/oil 45cm x 25cm 2021
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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2021.08.28
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A sketch written on a July evening on the outskirts of the former village of Yazykovo (YazYkovo, accent). On the left, where the bread grows, there was a street. In the 80s, optimization took place and the village was resettled, so I was told. And I came here by chance, when I went for a sketch with Christmas trees. Or maybe not by chance: almost 20 years ago there were hectares of potatoes here, when dad started farming. I remember that the places there were beautiful. So, having arrived for new species, or maybe at the call of nostalgia, I wrote this sketch. It was getting dark quickly and accents and added some elements of his own, after the sketch had dried.
Zhilov Andrey
In sunny fields
Zhilov Andrey. In sunny fields
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Zhilov Andrey
In the middle of summer
Zhilov Andrey. In the middle of summer
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Zhilov Andrey
July freedom
Zhilov Andrey. July freedom
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Zhilov Andrey
Lupins at the hill
Zhilov Andrey. Lupins at the hill
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Zhilov Andrey
Teshin's water lilies
Zhilov Andrey. Teshin's water lilies
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Zhilov Andrey
Warm October
Zhilov Andrey. Warm October
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