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July freedom

Zhilov Andrey. July freedom
canvas/oil 20cm x 45cm 2021
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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2021.07.26
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A sketch, written behind Shatovka (Nizhny Novgorod region, Arzamas district), on the way to the Arkhangelsk skete, on the mountain near c. Cannon. I have short, but very fond memories of Shatovka; my parents moved from there when I was only 4 years old. We still had friends there, and someone remained only in vague memories ... And there was also a huge reservoir where we came to swim after the move, and if we compare the sea, near the beaches of Gagra 20 years ago with it, then Ill put an equal sign. It is a pity that none of this is now gone. And the Tamaevskaya birch grove, which I like to write from time to time, I also have from those memories ..
Zhilov Andrey
Warm October
Zhilov Andrey. Warm October
105 USD
Zhilov Andrey
Autumn melody
Zhilov Andrey. Autumn melody
140 USD
Zhilov Andrey
Spruce forest. Evening
Zhilov Andrey. Spruce forest. Evening
105 USD
Zhilov Andrey
Gold of October
Zhilov Andrey. Gold of October
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Zhilov Andrey
Birch lace
Zhilov Andrey. Birch lace
126 USD
Zhilov Andrey
Lupins at the hill
Zhilov Andrey. Lupins at the hill
106 USD

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