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Cyprus. Kakopetri

Alexandrovsky Alexander. Cyprus. Kakopetri
canvas/oil 60cm x 75cm 2018
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Genre: Landscape
Style: Realism
Publication date: 2019.06.27
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A hauled donkey waiting for its owner.
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Siysky Monastery, evening
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Siysky Monastery, evening
593 USD
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Noon, summer in the village
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Noon, summer in the village
156 USD
283 USD
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Ricks in Moshkov, summer
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Ricks in Moshkov, summer
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Alexandrovsky Alexander
March in village of Bor
Alexandrovsky Alexander. March in village of Bor
638 USD
1159 USD
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Morning in Old Ladoga
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Morning in Old Ladoga
119 USD
215 USD
Alexandrovsky Alexander
Novgorod street, summer
Alexandrovsky Alexander. Novgorod street, summer
145 USD
262 USD

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